What happened to Candy and Pat Montgomery?

Were Candy and Pat Montgomery able to make their marriage work after Candy's murder—and infidelity?

elizabeth olsen and patrick fugit as candy and pat montgomery in love & death on hbo max
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All spouses encounter difficulties, but Candy and Pat Montgomery ventured through unimaginable territory, to say the least.

Love & Death, HBO Max's newest release, reignited the public's interest in the brutal Candy Montgomery trial and its aftermath, including what transpired between the suburban couple. Were they able to survive Candy's wicked actions?

What happened to Candy and Pat Montgomery?

For the unfamiliar—or perhaps those who have yet to catch Candy on Hulu—the two crossed paths at Texas Instruments, where Pat was an electrical engineer and Candy was a secretary. They wed in the 70s, and by 1977, they had ventured to the small town of Wylie, Texas, with their son and daughter in tow. 

That's when things began to go downhill and the attraction began to fade, at least from Candy's point of view. She found the picture-perfect life in suburbia "very boring" and wanted "fireworks" in her relationship, according to features from Texas Monthly, which served as inspiration for the Hulu series. That's when she began an affair with Allan Gore, her friend Betty Gore's husband. Despite the families being intertwined at church and on playdates, Candy chose to act on her attraction. 

However, when Betty caught wind of the infidelity, she was very distraught. When the two got into a verbal disagreement at the Gore home, things turned physical and violent after Candy alleged Betty struck her twice with an ax. Claiming self-defense, Candy then stabbed Betty with the ax 41 times once she got ahold of the weapon. Despite having confessed to the crime, Candy ultimately walked away from her eight-day trial as a free woman, and Pat was loyal to her throughout it all. Per Texas Monthly, he was "heartened by the way everyone stood by them." 

In a Dallas Times Herald article from 1980, the Montgomery family celebrated Candy's verdict with champagne and goodies. That's when she revealed to reports that she was relieved she'd be able to do the simple things again, like write a check and go to the grocery store. "I'm pleased that I don't have to go to prison and that I can see my therapist," she said. 

But life did not go back to normal post-tragedy. The family moved to Georgia roughly two years after Betty's death, and Candy and Pat ultimately parted ways about four years after the case. Today, he tends to remain out of the spotlight and does not want to call attention to himself for the details of the past; he allegedly goes by James now, according to various sources.

In 2022's Candy, Timothy Simons plays Pat, whereas Patrick Fugit assumes the same role in Love & Death. If you're curious how the two stack up to one another and if Love & Death is the same as Candy, we have all the intel you'll possibly need. 

Watch the 'Love & Death' trailer:

Love & Death premiered on HBO Max on Thursday, April 27, 2023. The first three episodes will be available immediately, and each episode will be released weekly on Thursdays through May 25. Candy is available to stream in full on Hulu.

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