When does Capricorn season start? The ambitious energy is just what we need in 2023

'While Capricorn season is about hard work, control and determination, it’s also the time to celebrate your wins'

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When does Capricorn season start? It might be hard to believe, but the earth sign is getting ready to take center stage, so give it a warm welcome.

Yes, friends, we're nearing the end of the year, getting closer to the "transformative" winter solstice and preparing for the ambitious energy that's headed our way. Now that 2023 is right around the corner—speaking of which, your 2023 horoscopes have arrived—it's time to embrace a fresh start.

2022 has been exciting, despite a few bumps along the way (like that intense eclipse season), but now we're looking forward to seeing all that's ahead. (Psst: astrologers have uncovered the luckiest zodiac sign of 2023 and the luckiest star sign in love in 2023! Are they yours?)

When does Capricorn season start?

  • When: December 21, 2022 to January 20, 2023

Coinciding with the longest day of the year, Capricorn season kicks off on December 21, just ahead of the holidays. Expect to feel that ambitious "go get 'em" attitude—a great way to look forward to what's ahead in the new year. But don't forget to enjoy yourselves in the midst of planning for the next 12 months. (Hey, you deserve it.)

"While Capricorn season is about hard work, control and determination, it’s also the time to celebrate your wins and reap the rewards of your diligent self-discipline," says astrologer Michelle Bell, founder of Cosmic Fusion. "This month is a reminder that you deserve your success."

At this time, Bell insists we're also very focused on money matters, which makes sense given the toll the holidays can take on finances. Make sure to proceed cautiously and have a look at our go-to financial wellness tips if need be. 

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Meet the expert: Michelle Bell

Michelle is an astrologer and the founder of Cosmic Fusion, an app that combines your Western zodiac sign + your Chinese element + your Chinese animal to uncover your unique personality.

And in between the seriousness, get in a few laugh while you can. With a Cap that shouldn't be difficult at all. 

"Capricorns are fantastically sarcastic with a great sense of humor, so you’re also being urged to not take things too seriously and to try and find humor in all things," Bell adds.

(Have a look at these gifts for Capricorns if you have a few bdays coming up in your friend group.) 

Who will be most affected by Capricorn season?

It comes as no surprise that the earth signs—Capricorn, Virgo and Taurus—will feel in tune with the energy from this season, but it might feel a bit more challenging for others. 

"The fire signs (Leo, Aries, Sagittarius) will likely struggle the most this season," Bell admits. They are the playful and spontaneous signs of the zodiac and might feel under pressure during Capricorns’ reign."

Water signs are particularly going to resonate with the ambitious Capricorn, particularly when it comes to professional matters. If you needed an excuse to update your LinkedIn profile, this might be it. 

"All the signs are being urged to be truly honest with themselves about what they are passionate about on the work front," Bell says. 

Whether you're looking to make a change in your career or get a raise, it could be time to put thoughts into action, but given that Mercury retrograde 2023 starts shortly after Capricorn season begins, do make sure to go over everything thoroughly. Dot the i's and cross the t's!

Although you're living in the moment, Capricorn season is a good time to reflect on what's ahead. 

"The Winter solstice and Capricorn season are preparing us for 2023 and the innovative and revolutionary Aquarius season [which] is encouraging you to embrace the eclectic differences that make you unique," Bell adds. 

Sounds like we're going to be busy for the next 12 months, don't you think?

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