17 Christmas movies on Disney Plus that will put you in the holiday spirit

These Christmas movies on Disney Plus beg for a movie marathon, whether you're after a festive classic or an exciting new release

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The holidays are coming, and watching the best Christmas movies on Disney Plus is a brilliant way to ring in the season. 

The popular streaming service is home to some of the best Christmas movies, given that Disney itself has created festive hit after festive hit over the years. From animated wonders to heartwarming rom-coms, and nostalgic classics, you could have a festive movie marathon without ever having to leave Disney Plus. After all, you could spend forever scrolling to find the best Christmas movies on Netflix—but why would you do that when we've rounded up the best Disney+ festive flicks right here?

So grab some cocoa, settle in, and peruse our the list as you wrap your Christmas gifts.

The best Christmas movies on Disney Plus 

1. 'The Nightmare Before Christmas'

Jack Skellington might be the pumpkin king, but that doesn't mean he's enamored with all-things spooky—quite the opposite, in fact. When he grows tired of Halloween and discovers the magic of Christmas, all bets are off. Jack attempts to help Santa with his December 24 adventure, but some things are best left to Kris Kringle...

If you're looking for Christmas movies on Disney Plus, this is an absolute must.

2. 'Home Alone 2: Lost in New York'

It happened...again. Kevin is left behind once more as the MacAllister family embarks on a Floridian Christmas. Kevin, on the other hand, ends up in New York City at the Plaza Hotel. Coincidentally, he runs into the infamous Harry and Marv, the Sticky Bandits who attempted to rob the MacAllister house previously. Guess NYC is smaller than we thought! If you're looking for the best Christmas movies on Hulu, you'll also find this there.

3. 'Babes in Toyland'

Babes in Toyland is an underrated Christmas film, but you can see it on Disney Plus! In the Christmas film, Mary's got her work cut out for her. She's supposed to marry Tom, but he's kidnapped by two of Barnaby's fellas so the evil-doer can get his hands on Mary's inheritance. Once the couple join forces after the mayhem, they then encounter a toymaker, who just so happens to know Barnaby...

4. 'The Santa Clause'

In this utter classic, Scott is attempting to tuck his son into bed on Christmas Eve when a loud thump from the roof rattles the whole house. It's just who you'd expect—the man in the red suit...and he's injured. It's up to Scott to assume the role, but how will everyone react to the news that he's the new Santa? Be sure to catch the followup films in the series on Disney+ as well!

5. 'The Muppet Christmas Carol'

The classic festive tale gets a Muppets twist: Kermit as Bob Cratchit to Michael Caine's Ebenezer Scrooge. As the cranky old fella gets a visit from Christmases past, present and future, your favorite Muppets like Miss Piggy, Gonzo and Fozzie Bear make their cameos—while Scrooge gets a good dose of Christmas spirit from his Muppets friends.

6. 'The Nutcracker and the Four Realms'

A live-action remake of a classic, this 2019 reboot finds its main character Clara entering a magical realm. While there, she hopes to uncover a key that will unlock a mysterious Christmas gift—but there are a few road blocks along the way...

7. 'Noelle'

In this flick, Kris Kringle's daughter (Anna Kendrick) has fully embraced the Christmas spirit—but she wishes her old man would give her a bit more responsibility, like her does with brother Nick. Nick, however, is about to crack from all of the holiday pressure, and even goes missing. Since he will soon step into his father's shoes, he's a very important part of the holiday—and it's up to Noelle to step up to the plate to find him, before it's too late.

8. 'The Mistle-Tones: A Musical'

In this cringey but festive made-for-TV musical, Holly is getting ready to sing her heart out in her late mother's Christmas singing group, which is looking for its newest member, But when the coveted slot goes to the group leader's BFF, Holly takes matters into her own hands! Full of Christmas songs, this is both heartfelt and funny.

9. 'One Magic Christmas'

Ginny can't quite get into the holiday spirit because of her family's financial situation. It takes a little help from a guardian angel named Gideon to restore her faith in the holidays—and to show her how things can always be much worse. 

10. '12 Dates of Christmas'

It's Christmas Eve, and Kate is looking to win back her ex (or forget about him) by going on an awful first date—one she purposely flubs to get her old boyfriend back. However, she wakes up the next day to find that she's unfortunately living the very same day again and again—12 times, to be exact. The story follows her journey of trying to break the cycle. 

11. 'Snowglobe'

So, you love Christmas? What if every day were Christmas? That's what happens when Angela is gifted a magical snowglobe in this movie titled the very same. Imagine being in the holiday spirit 24/7/365? Better have a "Merry Berry" Yankee Candle or two at the ready!

12. 'Mickey's Once Upon a Christmas'

We couldn't leave off our favorite mouse in a roundup of Christmas movies on Disney Plus, now could we? This delightful tale is a combo of classic Christmas stories featuring Mickey's best pals: Donald Duck, Pluto, Goofy and so on. Utterly enchanting and fun for all the family—both young and old.

13. 'A Christmas Carol'

Yes, A Christmas Carol is in this list twice, but while the two movies tell the same story, they couldn't be more different in the way they do so. This is an animated retelling of the classic, starring Jim Carey—who would've thought he would do such a fabulous job in the role of voicing Ebenezer Scrooge? But it works perfectly, and this reboot manages to be scary, heartwarming and fun all at the same time. 

14. 'I'll Be Home for Christmas'

'90s babies, rejoice: it's a JTT fan-favorite. When Jake is enticed to spend Christmas with his father in New York—a Porsche is on the line—the college student certainly gets in the festive spirit. But what happens when the football jocks play a wicked prank and leave him in the desert—sans money, but with a Santa suit—with no way to get home?

15. ''Twas the Night'

You should know you can't tamper with Santa's equipment, but what happens when a defiant uncle-nephew duo decide to use Kris Kringle's sleigh for kicks? As far as Christmas movies on Disney Plus, this is a great pick!

16. 'The Christmas Star'

There's deception a-plenty in this 1996 classic, which sees Horace McNickle escape from prison thanks to his uncanny resemblance to Santa Claus himself. Relishing in his freedom, Horace is keen to recoup some of his funds from a pre-prison counterfeit job, and enlists the help of two friendly (and trusting) children to help him do so, as he convinces them he really is old St. Nick. 

17. 'Beauty and the Beast: The Enchanted Christmas'

If you loved the original Disney flick, this follow-up to the 1991 classic is a festive treat. A little while after the castle's spell is broken, Belle and the former Beast (now Prince) are hosting a Christmas party attended by the whole village. During the party, Mrs Potts starts reminiscing about Christmas time back when the Beast actually was a Beast, and the mystery of who saved Christmas that year; which involves a whole backstory we never see in the original film! Great for those who want more of their fill of Belle and the gang.

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