Christmas movies on Hulu that'll give you that warm and fuzzy feeling

Cocoa? Check. Blankets? Check. Christmas movies on Hulu? Check!

the holiday cameron diaz in bed
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'Tis the season for Christmas movies on Hulu. Find a comfy quilt, grab warm socks, amp up the hygge vibes and tuck in with one of these festive favorites. 

From The Holiday to Dear Santa, there's a mix of offerings, much like Santa's toy bag. Which one will you start with?

Christmas movies on Hulu to add to your watch list:

1. 'The Holiday'

The Holiday / Columbia Pictures

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Iris and Amanda have not had much luck in the love department. In an attempt to lift their spirits, the two strangers swap houses around the holidays. Iris makes plenty of friends in LA while Amanda gets used to the quiet English countryside. Fortunately, things begin to look up for them both in terms of romance. 

2. 'Christmas with the Kranks'

Christmas with the Kranks

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Luther and Nora are taking a little bit of a break in December, and who could blame them? We're all looking for ways to avoid Christmas stress. Their solution is to escape to the Caribbean, which does not sit well with their Christmas-crazed neighbors, Vic and Walt. The two are determined to have the best decorations in town, and it doesn't take long before Luther and Nora are considered the Grinches of the block. 

3. 'Girlfriends of Christmas Past'

Three ladies are not about to let their cheating ex get away with his wrongdoings. In an attempt to get revenge, they cross paths with the fella at a holiday retreat, but what happens when one of the women falls in love?

4. 'Dear Santa'

How do all of the letters make it up to the North Pole? Have a look at the 2020 documentary Dear Santa, which highlights the United States Postal Service's "Operation Santa" program. 

5. 'A Christmas Hero'

A war vet has a difficult time finding joy during the holiday season, but with a little help from a guardian angel, he's able to look at this time of year from a new perspective. 

6. 'A Cinderella Christmas'

Event planner Angie and a wealthy playboy, Nick, fall for one another while at a Christmas party—a masquerade ball! It seems kind of difficult to feel smitten while in disguise, so when the masks are removed, it's time for Nick to find his girl (otherwise he won't be able to access his inheritance). Will Angie, a career-driven woman, be able to mesh her professional and love life?

7. '12 Pups of Christmas'

Martin can't quite get it together with his dog GPS locator company. Fortunately, Erin swoops in to help and proves to be more than just a successful business partner. Plus, pups! How could you say no?

8. 'Christmas with the Andersons'

Michael and Caroline are the ultimate Christmas fans. Every year, they throw an epic celebration, but things take a turn when they're in financial turmoil. However, it's a good opportunity for the couple to go back to their roots and learn why they participate in these traditions in the first place. 

9. 'A Very Brady Christmas'

a very brady christmas

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Who wouldn't want to spend the holidays with this groovy gang? The Brady kids come together as adults to celebrate Christmas, but there are plenty of issues standing in the way. 

10. 'Christmas Cupid' 

A Hollywood PR exec is in for an unexpected, horrible surprise when one of her clients suddenly passes away. She's even more surprised when he visits her from the dead to show her where her heart truly belongs. 

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