Dating Sunday 2023 is fast approaching, and these expert-backed tips will help you make the most of it

"This is the best chance to match with other people because there's going to be so many people online"

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The holidays might be over, but Dating Sunday 2023 is less than a week away. Are you ready to see where romance takes you this year?

Yes, 2023 dating trends will kickstart with this marathon of sorts, but the experts insist that Dating Sunday is prime time to weigh your options between Tinder vs Bumble, Hinge vs Bumble and so forth. 

"This is the best chance to match with other people because there's going to be so many people online," Stacy Thomson, the founder of REDDI and a mental health practitioner and performance coach, tells My Imperfect Life. "Don't wait for somebody else to message you first."

So what is this virtual swipe fest, exactly? We'll fill you in.

Meet the expert: Stacy Thomson

Thomson, a mental health practitioner and performance coach, founded REDDI, a members-only dating app that looks to turn the negative hookup culture into a healthy search for a relationship, which leads to family in the future.

What and when is Dating Sunday 2023?

On January 8, particularly from the hours of 7-10pm, Dating Sunday will be in full swing. It's considered the busiest time of year for people to peruse the best dating apps. According to research from REDDI, there will be a 65% increase in new singles joining various platforms. Plus, the company predicted a 20% increase in matches. Who are we to deny such promising statistics?

"The lovely thing that I found over the last couple of years is that people came out of the pandemic being a bit more intentional, a bit more purposeful," Thomson tells us "They just want to spend their time the right way and not with everybody, and people have really been focusing in."

Sunday will be the time for many to start honing in.

Dating Sunday 2023 tips

If you're ready to give love a go this year, Thomson has the perfect online dating tips to help you take charge come January 8—and beyond. 

1. Find the right app

Take the time to shop, hopeful romantics. Just as you would weigh options for your capsule wardrobe, select a dating site that matches your needs. 

"There are thousands of apps out there, so if you want to pick an idiot, you know the apps to go to where you'll find the idiots," Thomson jokes. "If you want something more serious, there are loads of niche dating apps now that are more tailored to specific needs."

2. Make the first move

See someone you like? Want to make a connection? Go for it—now is not the time to stay idle or wait for someone else to take charge. What do you have to lose? 

3. Decide what you want

"Make sure you're in the right space to actually commit to someone long-term because the people that you're going to be meeting they have goals, they have intentions," Thomson says of Dating Sunday. 

While it seems like the ideal scenario for someone looking for love, there's also no need to force it: if you're not ready, there's no one pressure to participate. 

4. Come from a caring place

By founding REDDI, a members-only dating service, Thomson is hoping to change the game and promote more meaningful connections when searching for a S.O. online. 

"I'm trying to change the industry to be more socially responsible," she says. "Relationships contribute to such a significant part of our well-being, so therefore I think we can make such a difference if we all come from it from a place of a duty and a place of care."

(If you're in need of a little extra advice, we spoke to mental health experts about keeping your emotions in check while online dating.) 

We wish you the best on your adventure, whether it'd be this weekend, this month or at any point throughout 2023.

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