Do JJ and Kiara get together in 'Outer Banks' season 3?

Fans have been rooting for 'Jiara' for three seasons, but do JJ and Kiara get together in the new episodes?

do JJ and Kiara get together in Outer Banks season 3? Pictured: Rudy Pankow as JJ, Madison Bailey as Kiara in episode 305 of Outer Banks
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It's been the question on every shippers' lips for three seasons: do JJ and Kiara get together in Outer Banks?  

The close-knit Pogues pair—played by actors Rudy Pankow and Madison Bailey, respectively— have had chemistry from day one of the Netflix series, but have kept things infuriatingly platonic between them for the past two seasons.

Loyal OBX viewers are hoping that all changes with Outer Banks season 3, which premiered on the streamer on Thursday, February 23. Will the duo go the way of Madelyn Cline and Chase Stokes' Sarah and John B and finally get together? Here's what we know. 

*Warning: spoilers ahead!*

Do JJ and Kiara get together in 'Outer Banks' season 3?

Drumroll, please: yes, after two seasons of will-they-won't-they, JJ Maybank and Kiara "Kie" Carrera do get together by the end of Outer Banks season 3. 

It must be said, though, that it wasn't always clear if these two characters were definitely going to have a love connection, given that Kiara began the series crushing on John B and also had a romantic entanglement with Pope (Jonathan Daviss) in the second season. Despite all that, it was evident that JJ was crushing on Kie from way back in season 1, telling John B in the pilot: "Dude, of course, I'm hitting on her. She's a super hot, rich, hippie chick slumming with us!"

However, the third season lays the groundwork for JJ and Kiara to finally act on their growing feelings and by the finale, they not only kiss but declare their love for each other. Swoon!

Madison Bailey as Kiara, Rudy Pankow as JJ in episode 304 of Outer Banks

(Image credit: Jackson Lee Davis/Netflix)

What episode do JJ and Kiara kiss?

Outer Banks wouldn't just give fans a JJ-and-Kie kiss from the jump; naturally, they made us wait even longer to see the much-anticipated smooch.

It nearly happens in the third episode of season 3, while the friends are aboard Rafe's stolen boat, but Pope interrupts the charged moment. Instead, the Jiara kiss finally occurs in the penultimate episode of the season. 

Fed up with the Pogues' dangerous antics—especially after JJ stole a money clip from Kie's dad—Kiara's parents send her away to Kitty Hawk, a youth camp for kids with behavioral issues. Instead of heading down to South America with the rest of the gang to rescue John B's dad, JJ decides to go to Kitty Hawk to find Kiara and break her out of the camp.

Stealing into the camp compound that night, JJ apologizes to Kiara, they admit that they love each other, and then kiss in front of an entire dormitory of cheering teens.

So does this mean that JJ and Kiara are officially an item? Well, after John B and Sarah track down the El Dorado treasure in the finale episode, the final moments of season 3 catch us up with the Pogues eighteen months later. We know that Kie is saving turtles and JJ bought a charter boat, and they certainly look happy to be near one another, but it seems like we won't get official confirmation of their current relationship status until Outer Banks season 4!

Fans react to JJ and Kiara getting together:

It goes without saying that OBX devotees were mighty pleased to see these two get romantic after all these years. Here's what fans are saying on social media: 

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All three seasons of Outer Banks are now available on Netflix

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