BBC Three's new 'Dubai Hustle' is perfect for devoted 'Selling Sunset' fans

Fill the Oppenheim Group void with 'Dubai Hustle,' the BBC's latest buzz-worthy show

the cast of dubai hustle on bbc three
(Image credit: BBC Three)

Fill the Oppenheim Group void with Dubai Hustle, reality TV's new in-depth look at the real estate industry. 

Now that you've watched Selling Sunset season 5 a generous number of times—not to mention the juicy Selling Sunset reunion—it's time to make your way onto new listings and a new location. 

Perhaps more lavish than its California counterparts, Dubai Hustle focuses on British-owned property agencies in United Arab Emirates city and the 20-somethings looking to make a name for themselves. Unlike the Netflix hit, the realtors of this BBC series are all from competing agencies, so the drama is bound to be extra juicy. 

Will there be a Christine Quinn across the globe? Can we expect a romance similar to Chrishell Stause and Jason Oppenheim's short-live union? We'll give you the scoop on what's sure to be your new favorite series.  

'Dubai Hustle': how to watch

The show just premiered on BBC Three on May 23 at 8pm. Four episodes became available on BBC iPlayer beginning at 6am the same day. 

Those who've tuned in have likely gotten a glimpse of the glamorous and competitive market, but more is underway. The second part of the show is expected to hit screens later this year, per BBC, but a date has yet to be revealed.

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'Dubai Hustle' cast: meet the team

Ellie—24, Huddersfield

  • Sales Consultant, Dubai Marina.

The listings might be glamorous, but Ellie's adjustment from leasing to sales hasn't been quite so luxurious. Coupled with homesickness and a difficult dating scene, will Ellie be able to make things work?

Azim—31, Northampton

  • Sales Consultant, Palm Jumeirah

Though he experienced a challenging past, Azim appears to be turning things around with his involvement in the real estate market, but will other shiny opportunities catch his attention instead?

azim from dubai hustle on bbc 3

(Image credit: BBC Three)

Megan—27, London

  • Sales Consultant, Dubai Hills Estate

Megan has experience in the London real estate market, but since she grew up in Dubai, it seemed like a transition was an obvious choice. 

megan from dubai hustle

(Image credit: BBC Three)

Ben—28, Lincoln

  • Sales Consultant, Dubai Hills

A military vet, Ben is now one of the top brokers of Dubai Hills Estate. Will more success—and perhaps a promotion—be in his future?

Adam—23, East London

  • Leasing Consultant

Adam and his best friend Jake (below) are an unstoppable force, but will working with colleagues be as simple for the two as learning the ins and outs of the Dubai real estate market?

Jake—24, East London

  • Leasing Consultant

The real estate mogul has another passion: fitness. He's also a co-founder of Lion Lifting Athletes

Jess—23, Bedfordshire

  • Leasing Consultant, The Palm

Though young, Jess is the most successful new broker in the history of the agency. She she started with The Palm, she's earned £35k in commission. But it can't be all work and no play, right? Will Jess finally get to enjoy a much-needed night out in Dubai?

Archie—26, Essex

  • Leasing Consultant, Jumeirah Park

The former finance bro says dating in the office is "pretty incestuous but team building," so fans are likely going to have a ball with his storyline. Though he likes pairing up with his co-workers—he's already dated three—he prefers to work solo and keep the commissions to himself. 

Chris—27, Livingston

  • Sales Consultant, Emirates Living

It's hard to miss Chris' Scottish accent in the office. He's here to work hard and make a mark on the Dubai luxury real estate industry, so it's best not to get in the way. He seems light-hearted, but work comes first.

Lucas—19, London

  • Sales Consultant

Yes, still a teen, Lucas plans to make bank in the real estate market and retire by the ripe old age of 21.

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