Who is Ebraheem al Samadi from 'Dubai Bling'? Get to know the multimillionaire

Meet Ebraheem al Samadi, the button-pushing star of Netflix's buzzy reality show 'Dubai Bling'

Ebraheem al Samadi on Dubai Bling Season 1 - Behind the Scene Photos

Is Ebraheem al Samadi the villain of Dubai Bling? That's up to viewers to decide but one thing isn't arguable—he has the highest Dubai Bling cast net worth, so he can put money where his gossiping mouth is. 

The Netflix reality show premiered on Thursday, October 27 and fans near and far have gravitated toward the glamorous personalities of the Dubai Bling cast and their high-flying lives in the City of Gold, from real estate queen Zeina Khoury to famous TV presenter Lojain Omran

But who exactly is the millionaire businessman making waves in the UAE? Take a seat at the Forever Rose Cafe (more on that later) and we'll give you the scoop on everything you need to know about Dubai Bling star Ebraheem al Samadi.

Who is Ebraheem al Samadi from 'Dubai Bling'?

Ebraheem al Samadi made his way into the business world at a mere 14 years old while most of us were busy studying algebra. The Kuwait-born go-getter, who spent his childhood in Florida, sold thrift shop clothing and items on eBay right from his mother's apartment. He even earned one of the company's impressive 1000 Power Sellers awards, which is not too shabby for a pre-teen!

Eventually, this knack for business turned out to be greatly profitable. Al Samadi earned a master's from the University of Aberdeen, London, and went on to acquire Forever Rose London (opens in new tab), a company that specializes in long-lasting preserved blooms. From centerpieces to Christmas ornaments, the roses allegedly pull in $22 million of business per year for Al Samadi. Let's not forget the company's Instagram-worthy cafe chain (two locations in Abu Dhabi, one in Dubai and one in London) and the impending bridal lounge in Abu Dhabi. 

Though he seems most well-known for Forever Rose London, Ebraheem al Samadi relocated to Dubai to grow the family business, Al Samadi Group, and its portfolio. And, according to Al Samadi's official website (opens in new tab), he's also earned some prestigious style and social accolades, such as one of Esquire Middle East’s Best Dressed Men in 2018 and Cosmopolitan Middle East’s Bachelor of the Year in 2017. 

Business and fashion aside, everyone's curious to get to know the Forever Rose mastermind on a personal note. Clearly—well, according to Instagram—he loves to travel, hit the gym and surround himself with others. But who is Ebraheem al Samadi and his family? Is he single? Here's what fans are wondering.

Ebraheem al Samadi net worth

As we mentioned, Ebraheem al Samadi is the richest of the Dubai Bling cast, valued at a whopping $50 million thanks to the success of the Forever Rose London brand. 

Ebraheem al Samadi age: how old is he?

Born on January 15, 1988, Ebraheem al Samadi is currently 34 years old. He is a Capricorn. (We know you were curious to dig into his astrology, don't pretend.) He moved to the United Arab Emirates in 2010.

Ebraheem al Samadi Instagram: what is his handle?

You can find Ebraheem al Samadi on Instagram at the handle @thebloomingman (opens in new tab). From pictures abroad to dinners with friends, Al Samadi posts quite a bit of his travels and experiences with his 160,000-plus followers, but we don't necessarily get a sense of who's who on his page.

Ebraheem al Samadi parents

The businessman's parents divorced when he was just 13 years old, and we get a glimpse of his mother on Dubai Bling, where she's seen nagging her son about finding a romantic partner.

Ebraheem al Samadi wife: is he married?

Ebraheem al Samadi's current relationship status is somewhat unknown, though he's been photographed with many beautiful women on social media. However, speculation about his sexuality has also come into play since the show's premiere, though we have no public details about that either. Looks like we'll have to stay tuned to see how everything unfolds for "The Blooming Man."

Dubai Bling is currently streaming on Netflix. As for Dubai Bling season 2, here's everything we know so far. 

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