Who is Zeina Khoury? What we know about the 'Dubai Bling' star

Curious about Zeina Khoury, the real estate big shot from 'Dubai Bling'? Here's everything we know about the Netflix reality star

Zeina Khoury in a cafe on Netflix's Dubai Bling
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There are tons of interesting personalities in the Dubai Bling cast, but Zeina Khoury is the only one with the self-given "Queen of Versace" title.

Khoury is one of a group of hyper-wealthy residents living in the United Arab Emirates—amongst her is millionaire widow Loujain Adada, uber-wealthy rose entrepreneur Ebraheem al Samadi and TV presenter Lojain Omran. This fabulously rich cast all featured on the first season Bling Empire-esque reality show, which debuted on Netflix on October 27 last year.

But just who is Zeina Khoury, the series' unofficial guide to this world of ostentatious wealth, desert chic, sky-high ambitions and good old-fashioned catfights? “Many people have become millionaires in Dubai, and I am one of them,” she says in the show—which tells us that we've got plenty of glitz and glam to look forward to!

But how did Zeina Khoury amass her fortune, what does she do for work, and how did she get herself that fashionably regal nickname? Here's what we know about the Dubai Bling star.

Who is Zeina Khoury from 'Dubai Bling'?

Zeina Khoury is the CEO and Chief Growth Officer of High Mark Real Estate, a luxury brokerage in the UAE. She even says in one episode of Dubai Bling that she was "part of the team that founded Palazzo Versace Dubai," a five-star hotel that's located on Dubai's Jaddaf Waterfront, and has hosted everyone from 50 Cent to Shah Rukh Khan to Jennifer Lopez. 

The developers of Palazzo Versace Dubai "offered me a position and by the 3rd month I got the top sales award and the rest is history," Khoury told Harper's Bazaar Arabia. "A job in real estate has no floor but no ceiling either. I gambled on the unlimited income potential and it worked in my favor." And thus, the self-proclaimed "Queen of Versace" was born!

Zeina Khoury age: how old is she?

Born on December 13, 1983, in Lebanon, Zeina Khoury is currently 39 years old. She is a Sagittarius. 

She graduated with a Bachelor of Business Administration degree from Lebanon's Notre Dame University - Louaize in 2006, before moving to Dubai that same year. Khoury also went to Columbia Business School in 2017, learning digital marking, and completed her executive MBA from London Business School in 2022. 

Zeina Khoury husband: who is she married to?

Zeina Khoury has been married to Hanna Azzi, the general manager of Nikki Beach Hotels & Resorts EMEA in Pearl Jumeira, Dubai, for more than a decade. They share two young children, a son named Joe and a daughter named Alexa. 

In an interview with Connecting Travel, it is revealed that he has previously worked at hugely successful travel companies including Four Seasons, Shangri-La and St. Regis. Outside of that, not much else is known of Azzi, as he does not have any social media—with the only snippets into his life what is revealed on the show or on Khoury's personal social media handles.

The couple experienced some tension in the first season of Dubai Bling, during which Khoury discovers that there exists a Bumble dating profile with her husband's picture but a different name on it. Azzi claims not to know anything about the profile and says it's nothing but a catfish account, but we have a feeling it's not the only relationship drama we'll be seeing from these two... 

Zeina Khoury net worth: what is it?

Everyone's curious about the Dubai Bling cast net worth and while Zeina of Dubai Bling isn't the richest reality personality on the show, rest assured that she's doing pretty well for herself, thank you very much!

The real estate CEO is allegedly worth $310,000, according to Arabian Business. But there is a huge degree of uncertainty to that figures, as some outlets estimate that she could be worth up to $2.8 million! While the real figure is unknown, either of those amounts should keep her in Versace designs for a while, no? 

It's also likely that Zeina Khoury's net worth has gone up since starring in the Netflix show due to the salary she likely receives. Plus, she has recently founded a new company, I Am The Company, which sells high-end fashion at equally high prices.

Zeina Khoury height: how tall is she?

Dubai Bling's Zeina stands at the leggy height of approximately five foot seven inches—which puts her above the average height for a woman, which is said to be around 5ft 4in,

Season one of Dubai Bling is available to stream on Netflix. Will we get a Dubai Bling season 2? Stay tuned!

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