Who is Bianca, Wednesday Addams' Nevermore rival? Meet Joy Sunday

'From the onset, when I got the audition, I recognized the heart that was in Bianca,' Sunday revealed in an interview

Joy Sunday as Bianca, Wednesday's rival in Netflix's "Wednesday" holding an umbrella in the rain
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Anyone else get goth Regina George vibes from Bianca, Wednesday Addams' Nevermore nemesis? 

From the moment our adorably macabre heroine (Jenna Ortega) steps onto the boarding school campus for supernatural teens, she clashes with Bianca Barclay, the siren who has the student body wrapped around her finger.

But as Wednesday, Netflix's smashing overnight success, progresses throughout the debut season, we learn that perhaps Bianca isn't as bad as Miss Addams might've initially believed. (We can't say the same for Tyler Galpin.) 

"From the onset, when I got the audition, I recognized the heart that was in Bianca," actor Joy Sunday revealed to W. "I could immediately tell they were looking for someone to really capture the sincerity of Bianca's desire to be loved."

Who is the fierce leading lady with the killer blue eyes behind the role? Meet Joy Sunday.

Who's Bianca, Wednesday's rival? Meet Joy Sunday

The New York native hails from Staten Island and attended the prestigious LaGuardia High School of Music & Art and Performing Arts. After graduation, the now 27-year-old made her way cross-country to attend USC. You might've caught her in a few of your favorite shows, including Dear White People and Good Trouble. (Speaking of which, here's the scoop on Good Trouble season 5.) She also made a cameo in the 2022 film Dog alongside Channing Tatum and her three canine costars who played Lulu. 

Then came Wednesday, and everyone fell for Bianca, even though she was pegged as the Queen Bee. Though she and Wednesday engage in some scholastic and social competition, they are not terribly different—from the struggles with their mothers to their need for validation (even if Wednesday won't want to admit that). And when things get suspicious for the "normies" in Jericho and Wednesday finds herself in some trouble, Bianca has her back.

"I was just elated to be able to put my own spin on it and to really provide a nuanced take on the mean girl, the strong girl," Sunday told Collider. "I feel lucky to have been able to play her."

According to IMDB, Sunday has a few new projects in the works for the year ahead, including Rise, You'll Never See It Coming and Under the Influencer, which focuses on an artist who's approached by a scheming curator. She's even tried her hand at directing, and perhaps we'll get to see more of that in the future. As for her dream co-star? Well, she definitely has one in mind.

“I would die to work with Danai [Gurira]," she further revealed to Collider. "Since The Walking Dead, she was one of the formative characters for me growing up because her character was so cool."

And, of course, she's anxious to head back to Nevermore for another semester, should Netflix greenlight the sophomore season. (They have to.) 

"I personally have fun butting heads with Wednesday, and I’d really love to continue that tug of war while also both going forward with the knowledge that they’re more alike than different," Sunday admitted to W

We'll be right here waiting for what's next—at Nevermore and beyond.

Wednesday is now available for streaming on Netflix. As for Wednesday season 2? While our heroine's future remains under wraps, a second season seems inevitable!

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