Do the Euphoria makeup looks actually work IRL? I put them to the test

I have stars in my eyes…literally

Naomi Jamieson pictured with three different Euphoria beauty make up looks
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Like every person on TikTok and Instagram, my feeds exploded with endless videos and tutorials of fans recreating the makeup looks from Euphoria season 2. So I thought, why not jump on the trend and try the best Euphoria makeup looks for myself, and see if you have to be an MUA to pull them off.

Euphoria has received critical acclaim for its artistic and expert handling of difficult and dark themes, its all-star cast, and incredible makeup design. The creative looks have taken social media by storm and we all have makeup artist Doniella Davy to thank for it. No doubt she is solely responsible for the spike in glitter and rhinestone purchases this year, as we all race to try the looks out for ourselves. 

Euphoria’s makeup designs have been so popular, Davy even launched her own eye decals. If it’s possible, season 2 looks are going even more viral, and eagle-eyed fans may have noticed they have changed from last year. 

In a post on Instagram, Davy said: “Season two is like Season one's more introverted sister, there's a steady 'quiet' to her until she's suddenly loud. She has her full glam moments but then switches to super minimalism.”—So obviously, I had to try them out! 

Here's my take on some of the most popular looks from the show, how to recreate them, their wearability factor, and the products I used to get the look. 

Cassie’s crystal liner

Naomi tries the Euphoria make up looks in real life, this rhinestone eyeliner is huge this season

(Image credit: Alamy / Future)

What is it:
Crystals make a creative take on liner.

How to recreate it:
The first look I was keen to try was Cassie’s crystal liner from episode two. I kept my face makeup very natural like Cassie's, just using Charlotte Tilbury’s Hollywood flawless filter, a bit of foundation, the Hollywood Beauty Wand blush, and the Refy brow sculpt.

I then used a pinky/peach shade all over my eyelids and then got to work trying to place the diamontes. I ordered a set of nail gems from Amazon after seeing that that is in fact where Davy finds her own—as nail gems are often smaller than your typical face ones.

You want to place two gems down the edge of your lid, with three flicking out to create the wing. Then you take three more up to your crease.

Wearability factor:
Initially, I did find it very fiddly, I won’t tell you how long I spent just creating the first wing—but boy was the payoff worth it. I will definitely be pulling this out for my next party or night out.

In a word, I LOVED this look. It is surprisingly subtle when you think about how you’ve just stuck plastic crystals all around your eye with lash glue. It adds just a little sparkle, as Davy explained to US Magazine, the liner gave Cassie's eyes a, “delicate, like innocent, twinkle.” 

I suggest getting some angled tweezers and clear-drying eyelash glue, ideal if you make a few placement mistakes. Also, be prepared to get a bit frustrated. Have coffee on hand because if you’re anything like me, you’ll be there for quite a while…

The products I used:

$6.49 | Amazon

Rhinestones 1500 Pieces in 6 Sizes Crystal Nail Gems Nail Art Accessories 

You can find a huge array of gems on Amazon, the size I used were 1.5mm.

$44 | Charlotte Tilbury

Charlotte Tilbury, Hollywood Flawless Filter 

This is genuinely a holy grail product if you love the dewy skin look. While many use it as a foundation, it's too sheer for me but creates a perfect glow under my foundation.

$40 | Charlotte Tilbury

Charlotte Tilbury, Beauty Light Wand

This blush is perfect for replicating Cassie's dewy skin, but thanks to its viral status, it's almost always sold out. However, you can sign up to the waitlist for when it restocks again.

REFY Beauty

REFY, Brow Sculpt

One of the best products for feathered brows. And it's not just IMHO too—make sure you read our beauty editor's REFY Beauty kit review.

$53 | Charlotte Tilbury

Charlotte Tilbury, Luxury Palatte Pillow Talk

I used the peachy shade in this palette for an overall wash of color on my eyelid.

 Maddy’s 90s moment 

Naomi tries the Euphoria make up looks in real life, this is Maddys eyeliner and glitter eyeshadow moment

(Image credit: Alamy / Future)

What is it:

A 90s disco look: think glittery shadow and strong eyeliner.

How to recreate it:

To recreate Maddy's silver shadow and wing combo, I would definitely recommend using a pen-shaped liner—especially for the inner eye point. Pen-style liners are definitely the best eyeliners for beginners as they're much easier to use compared to liquid.

I used a liquid eyeshadow but personally, I think a powder or creme would be much easier to work with. Regardless I think it nailed what I was going for. I also paired the eyes with a clear lipgloss and added a bit of Glossier's Haloscope highlighter.

Wearability factor:

There's no doubt the transformative qualities that makeup possesses—it made me feel like I whole different person. I tend to keep my makeup quite lowkey, so going big with my eyes was a new experience for me. It’s definitely dramatic and as a 90s kid, I was totally into the silver disco vibe. It's perfect for a party, especially if it has a retro theme.

Products I used:

$5 | e.l.f

e.l.f, Liquid Glitter Eyeshadow

This got the job done but does need several coats as it can be quite sheer and patchy. But the overall color and effect are very pretty.

$6 | Revolution Beauty

Makeup Revolution, Awesome Eye Liner Double Flick

This liner was perfect for these looks as it's double-sided, with one thick liner and one thin. You can do delicate lines or a big dramatic wing.

Jules’ inner eyeliner      

Naomi tries the Euphoria make up looks in real life, this is Hunter's graphic eyeliner look

(Image credit: Alamy / Future)

What is it:

Bold inner liner.

How to recreate it:

I used the same liquid shadow as I did for Maddy’s 90s look, and then whipped out my trusty liner pen again. From what I could tell, Jule’s liner covered her lid but did not flick out into a wing. 

I then carefully sketched out the inner liner, and once you have the shape of the first, the second is easy to replicate. A wet q-tip is definitely your friend for this look.

Wearability factor: 

Now, I’m just going to put this out there, I will not be recreating this look anytime soon. While it looks seriously cool on Hunter Schafer (tbf, what doesn’t?) it definitely does not on me. Personally, I think I look like some sort of Disney villain, but in this looks defense, it was actually easier to do than you might think.

Products I used: 

L'Oréal Paris Flash Winged Eyeliner, $12.50

L'Oréal Paris Flash Winged Eyeliner, $12.50 £8.99 | Look Fantastic 

This liner is another great alternative as it has a fine nib, that will give you a sharp, dramatic line.

 Maddy’s double liner 

Naomi tries the Euphoria make up looks in real life, this is Maddy's graphic liner look

(Image credit: Alamy / Future)

What is it:

Double winged graphic liner. 

How to recreate it:

I first used a light nude eyeshadow on my lid, and then a brown shade (from the same Charlotte Tilbury palette as Cassie's look) for my crease to add dimension. Next—you guessed it—I grabbed my pen-tip liner and drew the line. You want to draw the wing slightly higher than you normally would, to leave space for the second one.

Also, make sure you match up your inner liner points perfectly, as this really can throw off your whole look—speaking from painful experience.  

Place the second line exactly where your bottom waterline hits at the outer corner of your eye, and don’t worry if it’s not very straight—you can clean it up with a wet, folded cotton round (to create a straight edge) or a pointed q-tip.

Wearability factor: 

This look is definitely up there with one of my favorites because you can make it work for your everyday makeup—and then make it more dramatic for a date or night out.

This look may seem intricate and a bit intimidating, but if I can do it, you definitely can, even if you’re an eyeliner beginner.

Inglot Liquid Eyeliner 25 4ml, $16.60

Inglot Liquid Eyeliner 25 4ml, $16.60 £12 | Look Fantastic 

This liner is perfect if you want a really bold black and you have a steady hand.

 Rue’s starry eyes 

Naomi trials the glittery eye make up look that Rue wears in Euphoria

(Image credit: Future)

What is it:

My take on Rue's glittery, starry eye look from season one.

How to recreate it:

I used pink and red eyeshadow for the base and then packed on as much glitter as I could. I used Charlotte Tilbury’s Eyes to Mesmerise, for an overall shimmer and then NYX glitter.

If you’re really wanting to nail the Euphoria glittery looks I definitely recommend using a glitter fixer or primer as I sadly had a lot of fall-out on my cheeks and into my eye. FYI glitter in your eye really hurts.

I then used biodegradable face stars—because we love the environment—mine were however much smaller than the ones used for Jules looks. I recommend getting bigger, as the pay-off will be more dramatic and selfie-worthy.

Wearability factor:

While this look is very fun, it's definitely for a night out or party because of the sheer amount of glitter you'll have EVERYWHERE.

Products I used:

$34 | Charlotte Tilbury

Charlotte Tilbury, Eyes To Mesmerise

This eyeshadow is perfect for creating an overall shimmer that really reflects the light in pictures!

$9.70 | Look Fantastic

NYX Professional Makeup Glitter Quitter Plant

Definitely invest in the glitter primer or fixer, otherwise, you'll end up with this all down your face.

£5.99 | Amazon

Gold Stars Plant-Based Biodegradable Vegan Glitter for Face

Sadly, this glitter is currently out of stock and unavailable in the US, but any star glitter/confetti will work for this look.

What is it:

Rue's pink lashes

How to recreate it:

For this second Rue look, I used the same product but used a brighter pink on my undereye, and used my brow gel to help stick the pink glitter to my lower lashes. I then placed a single star on the outer corner of my eye.

Wearability factor: 

This look is more subtle and perfect for when you want a bold eye look. Be warned though, if you have a similar skin tone to mine, there's a fine line between cool, edgy pink eye makeup and looking like you have an eye infection.

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