Expert sexting tips that'll take your steamy exchanges to a new level

Things to know before hitting 'send'

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Your iPhone is about to overheat, but not from the weather—sexting tips from the experts have been unveiled to ensure that your 2022 is off to a steamy start. 

This year, Gen Z and millennials are hunting for love, and naturally that lends itself to some passionate moments. If you're looking for ways to spice up virtual communication, the wellness pros at Sinful are here to help. 

Considering "how to sext" has spiked 140% in the UK this month, the sexual wellness company has decided to seize the opportunity. If you're feeling comfortable in your relationship and ready for something new, here's how to make those texts extra sensual.  

Sexting tips from the experts

“First-times can be daunting, and sexting is no different," says Ditte Jensen of Sinful. "Communicating your sexual wants and desires can feel vulnerable at first, but once you are comfortable it can amp up the intimacy In your sex life.” 

Sinful recommends that you make sure you are sexting someone you trust who understands your boundaries. There is no need to feel as though you have to do something you're uncomfortable trying—make yourself the priority. 

“We hope our sex-positive tips can help sexting newbies or seasoned pros improve their sexting game," Jensen adds. 

1. Take things slow

OK, we might've just touched on amping things up, but going at a pace in which you feel comfortable is the most important factor.

Additionally, there are other perks to delaying the fun—it makes the buildup all the more pleasurable. (Think of it as virtual edging.)  

"Verbally teasing your partner is the ultimate foreplay," the Sinful team says. "Create sensual sorcery by focusing on colors, sensations and tastes within your messages. It can be something as simple as 'I’ve been thinking about kissing you all day.'"

2. Use imagery

This, of course, seems obvious, but don't forget that a sensual gif can go a long way and create the ideal fantasy—even if you're rocking some teddy bear PJs. 

3. Add sex toys

Different types of vibrators and fun gadgets aren't just meant for solo adventures—they're perfect for sexy text exchanges.  

"As well as adding that element of pleasure, by texting about the sex toy you’re using and how you’re using it you can build the fantasy and send your partner’s pulse racing," Sinful pros reveal. 

Sinful, Curve Rechargeable Rabbit Vibrator (£41.99)

Sinful, Curve Rechargeable Rabbit Vibrator (£41.99)

A flexible toy for inner and outer stimulation that includes 10 vibration patterns and is perfect for waterproof fun. 

Sinful, Screaming O My Secret Lipstick Vibrator (£14.99)

Sinful, Screaming O My Secret Lipstick Vibrator (£14.99)

Sure, this gizmo might look like your average lipstick, but the compact toy is actually a waterproof clitoral stimulator. 

4. Don't forget compliments

The act is nerve-wracking for both parties, so do be sure to tell your partner how much he or she means to you. 

"Compliments can help validate your partner’s desire, creating an honest and sexy space to play," the Sinful team says. 

5. Add humor

A little comic relief can help make things seem less tense. Don't be afraid to add an LOL-worthy moment in there. 

*To reiterate, be sure you're comfortable with the act of sexting and who you're sexting with before attempting any sultry exchanges.*

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