TikTokers are using eyelash glue to secure their bangs in place—but is it *actually* safe?

Has TikTok just found the answer to flyaway fringes with the eyelash glue bangs trick? Here's what the experts think...

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With new trends hitting our feeds every day and countless influencers working to decipher them for us, the overwhelm over which ones deserve our attention is *real*. So our Real Influence series takes the latest social media trends to the experts—doctors, dermatologists, sex experts and more—to go behind the trend and debunk what it's really about, if it'll actually work and, most importantly, whether it's safe to do.

TikTok users are securing their fringe hairstyles in place with eyelash glue—but is this really the next game-changing hack or should it be avoided at all costs? Here's what the experts make of this eyelash glue bang trick currently sweeping the app.

If you've ever dabbled with a fringe (*guilty!*), you'll know the agony of quaffing and styling your wispy bangs or Matilda Djerf-esque face framers, to perfection only for all your hard work to be ruined within seconds of venturing outdoors. Let's face it, bangs are high maintenance—and more often than not, downright infuriating—no matter your hair type or style.

Hence why any tips and tricks on achieving the perfect, intentional-looking fringe are greatly appreciated. That's where TikTok enters the chat, as it's our first stop for all things beauty hacks and right now, a certain bang and eyelash glue method is reaching viral status. But is this hack a homerun for fringe lovers? We asked the experts to weigh in...

What is the eyelash glue bangs trend?

TikTok itself is usually a goldmine of beauty intel, from the latest style aesthetics like Vanilla Girl and the Coastal Cowgirl to the bleached eyebrows trend and viral lip gloss manicure. There's even a plethora of tutorials on there for how to cut your own bangs (pursue those at your own risk!) but how does this fringe-related trick stack up and what does it exactly entail?

Well put simply, TikTokers with bangs are using eyelash glue to literally stick the tips of their bangs to their foreheads and eyebrows in an effort to secure them in place. Don't believe us? Please turn your attention to exhibit A...


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And exhibit B...


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As we can see, users are applying their fave eyelash glues to their skin, before carefully pressing their fringes into it, to stop their bangs from moving and parting. 

So far, videos of fringe owners testing this hack have wracked up hundreds of thousands of views—all praising its effect—but should you try it?

Is applying eyelash glue to your skin safe?

Since eyelash glue is designed to be used right by our literal eyes, you wouldn't be amiss to assume that using it on your skin would be just fine, but Caroline Brooks, skin and beauty expert and founder of The Glass House, actually warns against it.

Brooks explains: "Gluing your bangs to your forehead is a huge no-no. Whilst this may be common, the hair and glue can irritate the skin, and block the hair follicles and pores—causing contact dermatitis and hair loss. Moreover, the glue can damage your skin and cause intense redness and allergic reactions."

She adds that eyelash glues and adhesives contain chemicals, "Constant exposure can further aggravate the skin and cause allergic contact dermatitis or toxic conjunctivitis to name a few. I would recommend using eyelash glue where appropriate and to seek medical attention if the above concerns persist."

Instead, Brooks suggests using, "hair sprays, hair clips and other accessories that won’t irritate the skin." And it's not just your skin's well-being you need to be thinking of...

Can do the eyelash glue bang trend damage your hair?

Lisa Caddy, Consultant Trichologist at Philip Kingsley notes that sensitivity to glue might cause issues on the skin and advises that a patch test is done before application. Caddy then says that while the glue itself won't damage your hair, that act of, "pulling the hairs back off the face when you want to brush it or cleanse the face may cause some snapping."

Caddy also notes that: "Removing the glue from the hair may be difficult as it most likely will not dissolve with shampoo alone. Therefore picking at the glue to remove it would likely cause damage to the ends of the hair."

So while this trick might help to keep your bangs at bay, it does come with its fair share of risks too that perhaps outweigh the aggravating of traveling tresses...

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