Lip gloss nails are the ultimate high-shine mani for summer 2023—here's how to get the glassy look at home

Lip gloss nails are the minimal alternative to 'glazed donut 'nails—so here's a guide to getting the gleaming look...

Lip gloss nails: Two hands with silver rings and a glossy, nude manicure/ in a pink template
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Move over glazed donut nails, there's a new 2023 nail trend in town dubbed 'lip gloss nails' for their sheer and juicy, high-shine finish and TikTok is obsessed. So here's how to get the glassy manicure yourself,  plus some expert tips on achieving the look at home and what to ask for in the salon...

It seems barely-there, super subtle nail looks ala Hailey Bieber still have us in quite the chokehold, but instead of the viral milky white nail color, a new jelly-like, pink hue is sweeping over our For You Pages, designed to replicate your favorite shine-giving lip product.

Meet 'lip gloss nails,' the latest nail trend to take inspo from our makeup bags—much like its equally glossy cousin, 'lip oil' nails. But does the look actually incorporate our lipgloss like the Korean Blush nail trend does our favorite pink-toned blush? Here's everything you need to know about the new syrupy nail look—from achieving lip gloss nails at home, to what exactly to ask your nail tech for... 

What are 'lip gloss nails'?

They're really as the name suggests—think jelly nails with an amped-up shine.

Need another analogy? Just picture your own favorite, slightly tinted lip gloss glistening on your lips—but instead of your lips, it's on your fingertips. That's pretty much all there is to it! 

As celebrity manicurist, and Mylee Brand Ambassador, Tinu Bello explains: "This nail trend mimics the shiny sheen finish of lip gloss applied on bare lips or nude lipstick. The trend now though is really all about the glossy topcoat—you want your nails to shine from every angle and sort of look like jelly."

From our copious hours of TikTok and Instagram scrolling, we've deduced that the look is mainly a soft, sheer pink applied to the nails and topped off with a super shiny finish to emulate the liquid, dewy effect that lipgloss gives. Exhibit A...

Tinu has also shared how celebs are wearing the look: "For Hailey Bieber's [chrome pink] nails she added a really glossy topcoat on top of a gorgeous shade of pink that screams Barbiecore aesthetic," adding, "Anitta did the same but with more of a pearlescent nail shade as a base."

How do to 'lip gloss nails' at home

The great thing about this trend is that it's all down to polish shade and shine—so whether you're into doing Biab or just straightforward polishes, you can still achieve lip gloss nails a home, easily.  So, if you're looking for a new, low-maintenance summer manicure, keep on reading!

Nail-wise, this look can be done straight onto your natural nails, or you can opt for extensions—almond nails for instance are very in thanks to Hails, so that could be a good choice if you were hoping to add a bit of length.

Tinu says nail prep is the most important step: "Start with nails that are buffed, super clean, and immaculately filed into shape. A healthy nail leads to longer-lasting polish."

As for the color, Tinu says you can opt for a "sheer nude" like Jessica Chastain has been repping lately and recommends the Mylee For Your Eyes Only gel polish. Or, alternatively, if you want to go for a brighter baby or millennial pink—like Hailey's nails—Tinu says her got to is the Mylee The Missing Pink gel polish and Mylee Stand By Me gel polish.


Mylee MyGel For Your Eyes Only Gel Polish

RRP: $11.10

This shade is a sheer translucent peachy nude that is UV/LED curable and ideal for creating the viral lip gloss look!

Once you've applied a coat or two of your desired sheer pink polish (or red if you want a bolder look), you'll then want to follow up with a high-shine top coat. If you're applying gel polish, you'll need to cure between each polish coat. 

Tinu says: "The Mylee Top Coat gel polish has a gorgeously glossy finish that also shields from chipping (a dream). Apply a few coats for the ultimate lip gloss finish."

Thankfully, there are also a ton of glossy, more tint-like nail polishes on the market, but if you're wanting to use polishes from your own collection, you can mix your chosen color with a clear top coat to dilute it. This is a trick celeb nail artist Zola Ganzorigt uses for Hailey Bieber's nails!

If you're wanting to achieve the look with normal nail polish, we've also found you some perfect alternatives! 


OPI Nail Lacquer in Bubble Bath

RRP: $10.80

This OPI polish is perfect for that barely-there, glossy look! We'd recommend applying two layers of this shade, followed by a top coat.


Essie Core 15 Sugar Daddy Sheer Pink Nail Polish

RRP: $10

For a bright pink tint, this polish from Essie is a great option! For a super glossy look, we're recommend diluted it with a clear polish or top, or applying two thin layers before following up with a shiny top coat.


Dior Nail Glow

RRP: $30

For an ultra-glossy look, this nail enhancer offers a healthy 'glow' to your nail. When applied, it makes the pink of your nail pinker and the white whiter, so if you wanted a super minimal take on 'lip gloss' nails, this is a great option!

Lip gloss nails are perfect for anyone who wants a "your nails but better" kind of look but they're also very versatile as you can easily add designs, or a French tip and even be quickly transformed into the trendy glazed look with a dash of chrome powder!

How to get 'lip gloss nails' at the salon?

As mentioned, the key to this trend is really just the sheer pink tint and high-shine finish, the rest is down to personal preference.

If you're heading to the salon for this particular look, simply request your usual nail shape—whether that's a buffed version of your natural nail or a stiletto or almond extension. We'd then recommend asking for gel polishes, for that shine and durability.

For the color, discuss with your nail tech about a sheer, jelly-like pink shade—that will give your nails a slight pinky aura and then request a super shiny top coat. That's really all there is to it!

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