What is your 'girlfriend type,' according to your star sign? The cosmos spill

Are you more dreamy or independent? Here's what the zodiac revealed about your 'girlfriend type'

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Curious what "girlfriend type" best reflects your personality? The answers could be hiding in the cosmos. 

Astrologer Inbaal Honigman turns to astrological birth charts to uncover each sign's particulars, from a Cancer's need to comfort to a Sag's desire for adventure. But this is certainly not the first time astrology and romance have intertwined. Those who study the stars believe our zodiac has a lot to say in the love department, from breakup coping mechanisms according to star signs to dating red flags for each sign. 

Let's take a look to see where each air, fire, earth and water sign stands.

What is your 'girlfriend type,' according to your star sign?

Honigman dished on the specifics to Spin Genie and found quite a few interesting deets.

"Each star sign loves their partner in their own unique way. Fire signs are active girlfriends whereas water signs are dreamy partners," she said. "Air signs are idealistic babes and Earth signs are practical gals. All girlfriends share their favorite traits in their relationship, and they're most compatible with the person who truly adores their unique characteristics."

Do you agree with the findings below, or should these sign stereotypes be debunked?

Aries: Independent

This fire sign marches to the beat of her own drum, in relationships and otherwise, and would prefer a significant other to keep his or her own schedule so that they can divvy up their time. This member of the zodiac has a lot of ground to cover.

Taurus: PDA lover

Tauruses prefer sensational experiences, which is why they're so keen on hugs, kisses, and so on. The closer the better! Expect a few pecks from your lady while out and about, even if it's a crowded situation. (The six-second kiss? No problem for a Taurus.)

Gemini: Unpredictable

Described by Honigman as "free and untethered," Geminis might not necessarily be caught in the "relationship effect" and would prefer to get to know multiple people at once before making a decision to settle down.

Cancer: Motherly

Home-loving Cancer is all things to her partner, a personal chef, an interior designer, a stylist, a masseuse," Honigman said. "Her reason for being is making others feel special. Those born under the sign of the crab love feeling close and need a partner who understands commitment."

Leo: Empress

Are we surprised that a Leo needs the spotlight? That's of course the case in terms of love, too. 

"Those born under the sign of the lion need a partner who's a bit showbiz, to hold the camera, sing along and smile next to her in the TikTok," Honigman noted. 

Virgo: Little Miss Perfect

Virgos have a tendency to keep matters in check, so it's no surprise they're orderly in the love department, too. 

Hongiman said of the sign: "She's attentive, understanding and reasonable. Logic is important for those born under the sign of the virgin, and they need a partner who's a true friend, too."

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Libra: Style queen

Libras take a lot of pride in the details, so you better make sure to show up accordingly. 

"Prim and proper, those born under the sign of the scales want those picture-perfect moments every day, with a smile to match."

Scorpio: Passionate

Passionate? A water sign? How unexpected! (We kid.) Hongiman described Scorpio girlfriends as "a true rollercoaster of emotions and sensual experiences," but of course, one you'll never forget.

Sagittarius: Adventurous

It's not easy to keep up with a busy Sagittarius, so those who cross paths with this member of the zodiac should be equally adventurous and free-spirited. 

Capricorn: High living

Caps work hard and expect their partners to keep up, which could be a make-it-or-break-it situation when taking their love of luxury into consideration.

Aquarius: Big heart

An Aquarius will always look out for you—and everyone else. It's in her nature. 

"A girlfriend born under the sign of the water-bearer is faithful and loyal," Honigman said.

Pisces: Dreamy

"A romantic Pisces loves to show she cares," according to Hongiman. "She'll go out of her way for her partner and takes pleasure in giving and spoiling. Those born under the sign of the fish are all about emotions, she won't care if you're rich or gorgeous, she only sees your heart."

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