Star sign stereotypes debunked, according to an astrologer

'Now is a good moment to pull back from lazy character assassination and focus on the positive,' an astrologer says

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The cosmically in tune know there are as many star sign stereotypes as there are retrogrades

We've heard just about everything: those water signs need to take off their rose-colored glasses! Fire signs need to cool it! The list goes on.

However, despite any connotations we hold onto about a particular sign, you know all astrological birth charts are different, and one Virgo is not the same as the next. Rather than chastise each member of the zodiac for their flaws, psychic expert and astrologer, Inbaal Honigman, thinks we should embrace those characteristics.

"We're all equal, yet diverse," she says. "With astrology being more accessible than ever, now is a good moment to pull back from lazy character assassination and focus on the positive rather than the negative."

Meet the expert: Inbaal Honigman

Considered the "psychics' psychic," Inbaal uses tarot, astrology and other methods of divination in her readings. You can catch her advice in Marie Claire UK, The Daily Mail and other publications.

Star sign stereotypes, debunked

Having looked through all 12 signs' perceived stereotypes, Honigman flips the script on those preconceived notions for Psychic World. Consider her reveals an astrology gift to us all!

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Aries are always angry

Aries are considered hot-tempered signs that are likely to fly off the handle at a moment's notice. They might get angry, sure, but they're not going to stay that way for long. 

"Aries are ruled by the red planet Mars, planet of sex and war. Therefore, all Aries emotions are big," Honigman says. "Their enthusiasm is bombastic. Their joy is unparalleled. Similarly, their rage can move mountains. Thankfully, Aries can only sustain such grand emotions for a short while."

Tauruses are lazy

Not the case, dear astro enthusiasts. A Taurus is stable. 

"They love to take a rest and replenish their resources, and they'll get up again if anything is needed," Honigman says of the earth sign. "A Taurus will go out of their way for friends and loved ones, and will be the first to volunteer if anything needs doing."

Geminis are two-faced

Given that Geminis are represented by the twins, it's no wonder they get this bad rep. However, they're not two-faced—they're just taking all points of view into consideration. (Perhaps they'll make good judges.) 

"A Gemini can see both sides of the argument, and can be both for and against multiple important issues," Honigman says.

Cancers are too emotional

Yes, the water sign is definitely responsible for some serious feels, but they're also very considerate—something which those around them love and respect.

"They have a great depth of emotion, both in joy and in sorrow, and can hold the space for you to safely express your own emotions, too," Honigman says.

Leos are too egotistical

Leos certainly have bold personalities, there's no denying that. But their confidence is as great as their love for those important to them, according to Honigman. 

"The sign of Leo is ruled by the sun, and is therefore bright, visible and larger than life," she says. "They try their hand at anything, and truly believe there's no such thing as impossible, for them but also for you."

Virgos are perfectionists

Yes, Virgos like to pay attention to detail, but it's all for a good reason. 

"A Virgo won't fuss for the sake of fussing, and they do love to relax as well, but if something needs doing, they'd rather do it now," Honigman says.

And why not get something out of the way than procrastinate? Virgos will get the last laugh when the rest of us are finally tacking yesterday's to-do.

Libras are indecisive

Taking a page from Geminis book, Libras also deal with "dual" everything. But they're not as indecisive as you'd think—they're just considering everything before moving forward. 

"They pay attention to he-said, she-said situations and they know that every opinion has some value and a grain of truth in it," Honigman says.

Where as most of us would become frustrated or annoyed, a Libra will be unaffected. 

"Librans understand human nature and how fickle it can be, and they don't want to commit to one specific line or another, because they believe that people change and life changes."

Scorpios get jealous

They're passionate but selfless, not the jealousy-ridden sign we believe them to be. 

"Their traditional ruler is Mars, planet of sex and war, and so Scorpio emotions are broad, fiery and passionate," Honigman says. "Scorpio's modern ruler is Pluto, planet of death and rebirth, which is why they're capable of personal reinvention. A sign this perplexing will be easily misunderstood."

A Sagittarius is unreliable

The true adventurers of the zodiac, Sags don't make concrete plans—and they're ok with that. They like to take experiences as they come, but that doesn't necessarily mean they believe their loved ones should do the same. 

"They like for life to be colourful, noisy and hilarious, and if you can't match their energy, they won't force you to," Honigman points out.

Capricorns are work-obsessed

No, Caps are not obsessed with hitting their targets and exceeding their boss' expectations: they're just hard-working and practical, and there's nothing wrong with that. 

"Whether the mission is fun or challenging, the Capricorn will approach it with the same 'can do' attitude," Honigman asserts. 

An Aquarius is anti-social

Sure, an Aquarius might not be the life of the party, but that doesn't mean they're avoiding people—far from it, actually. 

"Aquarians are humanitarian, committed to justice and social causes, and that can sometimes take over their lives," Honigman notes. "They can form loving and fulfilling relationships with other people, and can even thrive in groups, but if they see an injustice, they rush to fix it."

Pisces are too naive

Why see the glass half-empty when it's half-full? 

"A Pisces will share their optimism and uplift those around them, giving them hope, and therefore strength," Honigman says. 

A negative attitude isn't going to make anything easier, so why not be positive when approaching something difficult?

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