Where is the 'Glass Onion' house IRL, and is it for sale?

Everyone's curious what's going on with the 'Glass Onion' house and the alleged price tag

the exterior of the glass onion house
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Those who frequent Zillow were shocked to see The Glass Onion house listed for a cool, casual $450 million. (Wowza!) 

The lavish Greek isle commune is practically a character in and of itself in the new Knives Out Mystery. At 29,000 square feet with panoramic views of the Aegean Sea, it served as the perfect setting for Rian Johnson's whodunit. (And you thought those Glass Onion outfits were extravagant.) 

So, did someone scoop it up already?!

Where is the 'Glass Onion' house listed?

According to Zillow, the expansive 17-bedroom, 22-bathroom home is being listed by Derol Zablinski, and the realtor's description is certainly enticing for those with nearly half a billion to spend: "Sleek architecture and sophisticated design with an equal eye toward nature and extravagance provide an unparalleled luxury living experience accessible only by boat and crowned by a Glass Onion atrium."

But, if you look closely, you'll notice something suspicious...the fact that the listing is a paid ad from Netflix. That's right folks, just like Miles Bron's guests, you've been fooled. The house is not really for sale...in fact, it doesn't even really exist.

Where was 'Glass Onion' filmed? 

Although the fictional multimillion-dollar home on the also fictional Pisceshite Island are just that, the film was actually shot on in Greece at the Amanzoe

According to its website, the Amanzoe, is "a modern-day Acropolis from which 360-degree views encompass olive groves and the Aegean sea. Cabanas, pavilions and villas all offer private pools with stunning views and fragrant gardens, whilst speedboats await at the beach to zip between nearby islands."

When the cast of the new film—a staggering list that includes Daniel Craig, Kate Hudson, Janelle Monáe and Madelyn Cline, to name a few—wasn't bringing the Agatha Christie-inspired story to life in Greece, they were likely shooting in Belgrade, Serbia. And when it comes to the sets, Rian Johnson claims production designer Rick Heinrich was responsible for the lavishness.

"Rick [Heinrich] is amazing at doing very beautiful, very character-based design, but on a grand scale. Which was just kind of what we needed to get inside Miles Bron's head," Johnson told Screen Rant. "All those beautiful sets, which are built on sound stages in Belgrade, where we were for the second half of the shoot—those are all from the mind of Rick. I have to say though, that massive set that we were on does reflect Miles Bron, but it's also kind of an eyesore."

Glass Onion was a satisfying escape to indulge in after the holidays, and it was a perfect distraction for those who are not-so patiently waiting for The White Lotus season 3. Needless to say, we—and the 35 million households who tuned in—are anxious to see what Rian Johnson has planned next, though it seems he's still figuring that out. 

"I don't have the idea for the next one. I'm starting right now to think. And the big thing for me is just how can it be totally different, not just from the first one, but also from Glass Onion," the filmmaker told Collider

Regardless of the location—real or fake—you can count on us to be there.

The Glass Onion is now streaming on Netflix. 

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