Inside the Greg and Katie fight that sent Bachelorette fans into a tailspin

Drama ensues! Here's everything to know about that Greg and Katie fight on The Bachelorette finale

Greg and Katie on the Bachelorette, Greg and Katie fight
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The Bachelorette is synonymous with drama, but the recent Greg and Katie fight has totally blown fans' minds. It appears that with each new season, contestants are determined to rewrite the dating show's rules, and Greg is the latest suitor to hop aboard the trend.

Being among the top picks was not enough for Greg. He wanted to be the top, which he made perfectly clear during his hometown date. Typically, when the leading lady embarks on said hometown dates, she meets her top fellas' families. It means that the end is near, and her final selection will soon be revealed. Greg was hoping to just bypass a few more episodes and immediately cut to the chase—a happily-ever-after with Katie Thurston.

In an emotional reveal, Greg admitted that he was falling in love with Katie and that she had managed to fill the void left by his father's passing, which is something they both have in common.

"Honestly, I haven’t been this vulnerable with anybody in my life," he said during the August 2nd episode. 

Since Katie made a promise that she would not drop the four-letter L-word until her final decision has been made, Greg was naturally taken aback. His grand declaration of love was met with, "I just love looking at you" from Katie, not the defining the relationship talk he had in mind. Naturally, drama ensued—let's get into it!

Inside the Greg and Katie fight on The Bachelorette

Of course, Greg was sincerely confused about how the feeling was not mutual, completely disregarding the other two hometown dates: "I just don’t understand how you don’t know... that it’s me and you at this point. I just don’t get it,” he said.

Although Katie assured him to stick it out a little longer, this was not enough for Greg and ultimately, the top contender—who very well could've won her heart at the end of the day—decided to pull a Chris Harrison and leave the show. In turn, Katie was so frustrated that she wanted to book a ticket home.

If this were a normal relationship—no cameras, no fans, and no additional suitors—Greg's actions would've been swoon-worthy to any woman seeking a partner. However, that's not how things work in the Bachelor franchise. There are still roses to be rewarded, hearts to break, and, perhaps most notably, episodes to air. 

Like his predecessors, Greg wanted to switch things up by doing things his way; Peter Kraus, one of Rachel Lindsay's top picks, wasn't keen on ending the show with an engagement (which is kind of the whole point). Subsequently, Clare Crawley was so infatuated with Dale Moss that she dropped out of the show mid-season to pursue her love with him, which the producers surely did not have in the cards.

Upon Greg's decision to jet, Katie sent out a cryptic Instagram message that suggested he was gaslighting her. Considering the social media reveal came shortly after the hometown episode, it's safe to say she had an intended target. (We're lookin' at you, Greg.) 

The Greg and Katie fight...part 2

Thought these two were done? Just because Katie found love with another suitor—her now fiancé Blake Moynes—doesn't mean she and Greg are done butting heads. In fact, their reunion on After the Final Rose was filled with many a thorn. 

Although Greg did reveal that he should've acted differently, he appeared to want to coexist peacefully. Katie, well...not so much. She didn't even so much as hug him upon their reunion. Yikes!

“You said you love me," Katie told Greg on After the Final Rose. "I don’t think you even know what love is because that was the time I needed you the most and you ran away."

Greg defended himself, but Katie wasn't done with him yet. 

"Using me to get the experience, the exposure, dare I say the acting practice, at my expense. I mean it was pretty good until the end when you kind of f*cked it up and ran away."

Welp, guess these two aren't going to be singing "Kumbaya" any time soon. 

Don't miss the season premiere of Bachelor in Paradise on August 16th at 8pm ET to see who else is looking to break the rules in the name of love...and, of course, fight about their relationship every step of the way. 

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