Cast of Love is Blind: reunion special reveals which couples are still going strong

It wasn't a fairytale for the entire cast of Love Is Blind, but some couples got their happily ever after

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What happened to the cast of Love Is Blind? Who's still going strong? The three-part Love is Blind: After the Altar reunion, which hits Netflix on July 28th, gives fans the updates they've been craving. 

The odds of success aren't exactly in the couples' favor, but some duos made it out strong. Others...well, not so much. (Ahem, Damian and Giannina.) 

Get the scoop on Love is Blind: After the Altar reunion and all of the drama it entails. 

*WARNING: Spoilers ahead!*

The cast of Love Is Blind: Who is still together?

1. Lauren and Cameron

If you had doubts about this odd method to finding forever love, Lauren and Cameron are here to dispel that notion. The two tied the knot on screen and have yet to look back. (A pretty impressive feat, actually.) 

Since their nuptials two years ago, they've bought a home, released a book, started a YouTube channel, and—quite possibly—will be getting a spinoff show, though rumors have yet to be confirmed or denied. 

Although baby questions are also circulating, the couple hasn't made any reveals just yet, but we'll fill you in when and if they do. 

2. Damian and Giannina

Damian and Giannina's rocky relationship appears to be hanging on by a thread. 

At the start of the reunion, it seems they're together, but still proceeding cautiously.

“It was definitely a strong love from the beginning," Damian said at the reunion. "We pushed through a lot of challenges, as did everyone here. But I wanted it every day ever since I told her I loved her in The Pods. It turned into our love story, but she was in and out of it so much.”

Well, things change when Damian invites a supposed flame, Francesca Farago from Too Hot To Handle, to attend the reunion as well. Naturally, reality TV dating shows and couples don't mix well, and things go less than stellar for the two. 

3. Kelly and Kenny

Despite their seeming stability on the show, Kelly and Kenny have actually parted ways. Kenny has since found love (see his fiancée Alex pictured above), which Kelly responded to with a congratulatory message—very unfitting for a former reality TV couple, but we love to see it! 

4. Jessica and Mark 

These two have parted ways and entered new relationships, and Mark is now a father. His reputation for alleged cheating scandals definitely did not go unnoticed by viewers. Jessica just celebrated her one-year relationship with her new beau...but her past feelings seem to resurface on the reunion.

5. Amber and Matt (a.k.a. Barnett)

Despite doubts, the two chose to say "I do" on the show and have been married for two years, though they've admitted to marital struggles. Judging from social media, it seems they've been paling it up with the show's other success story, Lauren and Cameron.

6. Carlton and Diamond

The two engaged in an explosive argument on the show when Carlton revealed that he was bisexual. Though there have been apologies since the show wrapped up, the two supposedly are not on the best terms, as seen by a recent Instagram post by Carlton. 

Carlton has since started a relationship with a new guy, which he documented on his Instagram page. We're rooting for their happily-ever-after!

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