Everyone's talking about Harrison, 'Love Island USA's Aussie bombshell—here's an update on the contestant

Harrison, Love Island USA season 5 dater, has had an interesting experience, thus far. Here's what's next

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The dating drama is underway, and Harrison, Love Island USA season 5 bombshell, is causing a bit of chaos. 

The third new Islander to arrive at the villa—right alongside guest star and Vanderpump Rules' royalty Ariana Madix—Harrison Luna has already been involved in an uncoupling that has thrown viewers for a loop and, of course, everyone's curious to learn more about the Australian native. 

Considering the Love Island USA cast this season largely hails from the United States, can we expect the bombshell from Down Under to stir things up? Thus far, it's a resounding yes! Let's get to know Harrison a bit better, shall we?

Who is Harrison, 'Love Island' USA season 5 newbie?

Three appears to be a recurring number for Harrison Luna. The third bombshell to arrive at the villa and the third oldest castmate this season (at least thus far), Harrison hails from Adelaide, Australia, and has a penchant for fitness, travel, and diamonds, per his Instagram bio. 

Currently, the 26-year-old works as a diamond dealer, but he's also a model and has had stints in the hospitality industry. You can catch his professional photos and journeys abroad on Instagram at @harrisonluna. If you scroll far enough, you'll be able to catch his long hair/man bun. 

Following the cast members' lead, Harrison took to Instagram on Saturday, July 22 to let his followers know that he'll be M.I.A. while looking for love in Fiji on Love Island USA. He has his eyes on a woman who is strong, independent, and motivated, according to Peacock. If she looks like his celeb crush, Margot Robbie, that wouldn't hurt, either.

What's the drama surrounding Harrison?

*Warning: Spoilers ahead*

When Harrison stepped foot in Fiji, at a masquerade party no less, he seemed to pique the women's interest, but Harrison was keen to get to know everyone before making any rash decisions. He seemed to have such a close connection with Jasmine,  but he ultimately set his sights on Destiny, which caused the former to be sent home. 

This all begs the question of what we don't see on-screen: were there intense moments that were left out? Did they throw scenes with Destiny on the cutting room floor to make us think Jasmine was the one Harrison would choose? Everyone was surprised with the outcome, but given that the series is still unfolding, we better hang tight. 

And, according to Harrison's Instagram, he's all for deepening his connections while traveling. 

"If there’s one thing I’ve learned from my most recent trip to the other side of the world, it’s that no matter where you go, it’s the people that make the place special," he wrote on the social media site while traveling to Miami.

Will he have the same thoughts on Fiji? As it turns out, it's a yes. His time on Love Island has come to a close as of August 10, as he and match Emily Chavez were voted off. Though it's definitely a low blow to anyone competing on reality dating show, it looks like he is getting the last laugh. 

Distance might be between them, but Harrison and Emily are still going strong, FaceTiming one another, (virtually) meeting the parents, and figuring out what's next. 

In a Q&A with Decider, Harrison said keeping up with Emily was the obvious choice. 

"My plan going in was to explore connections, and if one was strong enough, then of course, like, why would I just leave it in the villa? And so yeah, just again, it’s very, very natural with her. So it’s like, why would I stop talking to her," he told the outlet. 

Will these two become one of the long-lasting Love Island couples? We'll have to wait to find out.

Love Island USA season 5 is currently streaming on Peacock. If you're looking for more chaotic romance, tune in to Too Hot To Handle season 5 on Netflix, where Linzy, Louis and Christine have been keeping viewers on their toes. 

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