Who is Ines from 'Perfect Match' and where have you seen the Netflix reality star before?

Curious about Ines? 'Perfect Match,' Netflix's new series, brings together reality-show singles and all eyes are on the cool French girl

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Everyone's dying to find out more about Ines. Perfect Match, Netflix's latest reality dating show, gathers singles from some of its most popular series, and Ines Tazi is the French It girl who has piqued viewers' curiosity.  

While some Perfect Match cast members take on a viscous approach to finding love (we'll let you guess who we're referring to), others like Joey Sasso and Kariselle Snow are revisiting a past spark to see if they can form something real once the cameras stop rolling. Then you have Ines, the French cool girl with a realistic attitude and mature personality that we don't typically find on reality TV. Oh, and not to mention, her killer wardrobe makes the chic hopeful romantic look like she's stepped out of a Sézane ad!

Though Ines—like the rest of the cast—experiences ups and downs throughout her time at the villa, we'll admit: she seems to have agreed to this whacky experiment with a level head. You can color us surprised!

Meet Ines, 'Perfect Match' Netflix star:

Perfect Match isn't Ines Tazi's first brush with reality TV: she starred in The Circle: France in 2020. Now that she joined Netflix for this out-of-the-box dating experiment in Panama City, she tried to keep an open mind with all the men she encountered. 

While she admitted that Shayne Jansen is not her typical type, she gave things a try with him, though ultimately they both discover that they're better off as friends. She also tried exploring things with Nick Uhlenhuth...which didn't quite go as planned. But despite any roadblocks, Ines prevailed with a cool and level head in comparison to her castmates. 

We won't give away any spoilers, but each episode turns into quite a journey for Ines, and you might be surprised to see where she stands at the end of the series!

Ines Tazi age and background:

Though the 26-year-old currently calls Paris and Los Angeles home, she actually hails from London and studied geopolitics in the UK. Her mother is a French Catholic and her father is Muslim and Moroccan. Both of her parents are involved in the fashion industry, which helped Ines segue into the field as well. She is a fashion influencer and founded a skincare brand, Skult Ltd.

"My life is a bit like a theater scene, sometimes I want to be a lady, a businesswoman or sexy and that’s how I approach fashion," the reality star revealed in an interview with Khabar Nonstop.

Ines Tazi Instagram: here's where to follow her

Head over to @taziines to catch a glimpse of Ines' travels, reality TV cameos and cool outfits. 

So what's next for Ines? She isn't ruling anything out—even if it means participating in another reality TV show.

"I want to focus on more personal projects, linked to my passions and my commitments," Tazi told Khabar Nonstop. "Reality TV gives this opportunity to open doors and enter different sectors, including cinema, influence and journalism."

We're curious to see what happens once her time at the villa comes to an end!

The first four episodes of Perfect Match premiered on Netflix on Tuesday, February 14. Catch episodes 5-8 on February 21 and episodes 9-12 on February 28. 

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