Is Alex Jarvis leaving The Oppenheim Group? Here's everything we know

Are we about to witness a bit of reconstructing? (And we're not just talking about those luxury listings)

Is Alex Jarvis leaving the Oppenheim Group? Pictured: Selling the OC. (L to R) Alexandra Jarvis, Alexandra Rose in episode 201 of Selling the OC
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Do we have a shakeup in SoCal? Is Alex Jarvis leaving the Oppenheim Group?

This wouldn't be the first time we wondered if an agent was looking for pastures new. Part of the Selling Sunset season 6 drama focused on whether or not Chrishell Stause was exiting the brokerage after her relationship split with Jason Oppenheim. Now, we're just bringing the speculation to a different Cali office. 

Selling the OC season 2 has landed on Netflix as of Friday, September 8, and we're getting up to speed with the "messy" office drama. It appears some turbulence has made Jarvis reconsider where she wants to take her career next. Here's what we know. 

*Warning: season 2 spoilers ahead!*

Is Alex Jarvis leaving the Oppenheim Group?

Alex Jarvis has considered leaving the Oppenheim Group, according to a debaucherous final few episodes in Selling the OC's second season. Though she is taking kindly to the potential O Group newbie and fellow Southern Belle, Ali Harper, Alex is on shaky ground with her current cast members and co-workers. 

For one, she and Alex Rose are no longer the power duo we've come to love from season 1. They're clashing over professional differences—or perhaps we should say unprofessional differences—and they're taking a breather from doorknocking. Plus, they're going at listings alone. 

Then there's the drama with Polly Brindle. After the Office Londoner extended an invite to everyone on the team for her birthday party, a not-so-little tiff erupted between Brindle and Jarvis, the latter of whom was upset over a derogatory name Brindle used to describe her. Then we have the alleged video that was taken without Jarvis' consent, which then erupted into an argument about another alleged video, this time with Brindle and Tyler Stanaland

So, given that there's some hostility, Jarvis confided in Harper while at her desk that she'd be willing to have a look at something new. 

"It makes me question if I should stay at this brokerage," Jarvis told Harper, who insisted she stay at the real estate firm. "I'm not saying I'm gonna leave, I'm just, you know, keeping my options open."

At the end of the day, it appears the drama didn't deter Jarvis too much, as she's still listed as a realtor associate on the Oppenheim Group website. But the question remains: will the ladies squash their beef? Looks like we're just going to have to wait for a potential Selling the OC season 3 to find out!

Selling the OC season 2 is available to stream on Netflix beginning Friday, September 8.

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