Does Chrishell Stause leave the Oppenheim Group? Here's why 'Selling Sunset' fans are getting suspicious

'I openly admit that I'm not giving my end-all-be-all to this office. I'm not,' Chrishell reveals to Mary Fitzgerald

Does Chrishell Stause leave the Oppenheim Group? Pictured: Close-up of Chrishell Stause in pink sunglasses in Selling Sunset season 6
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We're all kind of wondering the same thing: does Chrishell Stause leave the Oppenheim Group? Selling Sunset season 6 officially hit Netflix on Friday, May 19, and though the realtor says she's ready to "ring the bell and cash some checks" during the season, it's easy to see that her heart's not fully in it. 

For one, Stause is hesitant to return to the office. After the infamous Chrishell and Jason split, she'd been working from home and wasn't in a rush to be working alongside her ex-slash-boss. Then tensions began brewing with Nicole Young, whom she believed sided with Jason post-breakup. Plus, Chrishell is dating G Flip at the start of the season, and she's all-consumed in their budding romance. 

Does this mean we're going to have a vacancy in the office? Here's why fans are questioning Chrishell's fate.

*Warning: spoilers ahead!*

Does Chrishell Stause leave the Oppenheim Group?

We get particularly suspicious about Chrishell's standing during the final episode of the season when the O Group hosts an open house. Like the rest of the crew, she's enamored with the space but takes a step back from being a proactive seller since she thinks it's priced too high. ($7.5 million, if you're curious.) 

After expressing her concerns to Mary Fitzgerald, who had quite a difficult time keeping track of the office while Jason Oppenheim and his new girlfriend, Marie-Lou Nurk traveled throughout Europe, Chrishell confided in her that she was not as "hungry" as her coworkers. 

"As far as the team goes, I feel like there are people that, you know, they're hungry. And I'd be lying if I said that I'm in that same place right now," she confessed. 

"It's kind of part of being at the Oppenheim Group," Mary retorted. "You have to be hungry. You have to be..."

"I know, but I'm well-fed on other things, so it's hard," Chrishell replied. 

That's when she revealed that she was more focused on her relationship. 

"I openly admit that I'm not giving my end-all-be-all to this office. I'm not. Even now, I have to be 100% honest with you. I mean, we're here having a very important conversation, but in the back of my head, G is [on tour] in Australia," she said. 

Then, matters got more ominous when Jason Oppenheim spoke to Access Hollywood in early June. Though he admits they're in a great place—he and his brother, Brett, recently went out to dinner with Chrishell and G—he is hesitant to comment on where she stands after season 7 (which is already underway for the Netflix production crew). 

"I think that’s gonna be something that has to be addressed with Chrishell. I’m very careful about speaking for anyone else. I will say that I personally very much want Chrishell to continue," he noted.

Is she going to continue working for the brokerage, or will we part ways with her à la Christine Quinn or Vanessa Villela? (Well, we don't see her relationship with the company ever getting to Christine's place, but you get where we're going with this.) 

And now, considering Chrishell and G Flip are married—news that came a week ahead of the season 6 premiere—we have to wonder if she's making her spouse and a potential family the priority. She and Jason broke up over their differences regarding parenthood, so we wouldn't be surprised if she is transitioning to a new chapter in her life. 

Although we do catch Chrishell in snippets of the first look at Selling Sunset season 7, we don't know for certain if she becomes famished like her "hungry" counterparts, Mary Fitzgerald, newcomer Bre Tiesi and pot-stirrer Chelsea Lazkani. Time will tell what happens with season 8 and beyond.

Catch Selling Sunset season 6, as well as the first five seasons, now streaming on Netflix. 

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