Lelo urges you to celebrate National Fitness Day with its *intimate* full-body workout plan

'Working out and having good sex are both part of a self-care routine,' says sexuality psychologist Dr. Laurie Mintz

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This National Fitness Day (a.k.a. Saturday, May 6), hit the gym bed. The LELO full-body workout plan is a sex therapist-backed practice that will add a much-appreciated dose of intimacy to your health routine. 

Exercise is known to boost your sex drive. Plus, science says there are certain exercises for better sex. With those tidbits in mind, Lelo sought to combine the best of both worlds.  

"Working out and having good sex are both part of a self-care routine," says sexuality psychologist Dr. Laurie Mintz. "Both ways get your positive hormones flowing through the body, embrace how your body functions and feels, and lastly, help take care of your body."

So if you're feeling inclined to nix the Sydney Sweeney workout routine for something a bit more...sensual, Lelo has you covered. 

All about the LELO full-body workout plan:

So, why make a fitness-focused day a celebration that coincides with sex? It's a no-brainer, if you ask Dr. Mintz.

"Some studies show that sex and orgasms can lead to better immune functioning as well as improving vaginal health," she tells us. "Muscles in the area should be used more often as they tend to perform better when used continuously. One thing is for certain, though: hormones released during orgasms help with stress reduction and sleep, leading to feelings of wellbeing."

Well, that is a pretty good point...

Dr. Laurie Mintz

Dr. Laurie Mintz is a feminist author, therapist, professor and speaker whose life’s work has been committed to helping people live more authentic, meaningful, joyful—and sexually satisfying—lives through the art and science of psychology. As a tenured Professor at the University of Florida, she teaches the Psychology of Human Sexuality to hundreds of undergraduate students each year. She is a Fellow of the American Psychological Association.

How to do the LELO full-body workout plan:

Without further ado, here is the plan from the brand's certified sex experts and therapists that aims to "embrace your health and body" and "open doors to your own intimate exploration."

1. Missionary with a twist: The go-to position is a great way to engage your core and glutes. If you want to activate the area even more, experts suggest lifting your legs and wrapping them around your partner’s waist to put more focus on the abdominal muscles.

2. Cowgirl: The pros suggest increasing the workout intensity by leaning forward and placing your hands on your partner’s chest, engaging the upper body muscles.

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3. Doggy Style: While the bottom partner is on all fours, their glutes and quadriceps are engaged. Get the biceps and neighboring areas involved by putting your hands against the wall. This will increase the number of calories burned, which is always a perk.

4. Butter Churner: Not for the faint of heart, the Butter Churner is better than a visit to the gym, as it engages all types of muscle groups. Essentially a sexy but difficult yoga pose, it allows a bottom partner to burn up to 179 calories per 30 minutes, and 211 calories for the person on top. A bottom partner will lie on their back, raise their legs and ultimately fold their legs so that their ankles are near their ears. Then, the penetrating partner will enter. 

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5. The Squat: The top partner will engage their leg muscles, glutes and even core muscles. The more intense the squat, the more likely you are to burn some calories. 

6. Relaxed vibrations: For the end of the sex workout session, Lelo experts say you should choose something simple to help you wind down. These moments are a great opportunity to use sex toys for couples to help up the ante while giving you a rest.

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