Experts reveal the best exercises for better sex

Fitness routines improve our health and wellbeing—and exercises for better sex are definitely included in that equation

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As it turns out, your fitness routine is key to a satisfying orgasm, if these exercises for better sex are any proof. 

If the "perfect" workout schedule left much to be desired, allow Megan Fleming, Ph.D., a certified sex and relationship psychologist at Lovehoney, to give your exercise routine a much-needed revamp. 

Take a look at which exercises for sex are best for that coveted stamina boost and why, and make your way over to Crunch. Knees to chest, ladies! 

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Exercises for better sex, according to the pros:

Grab the best workout clothes in your closet, snag a water bottle and get ready to break a sweat.

1. Pilates

"Pilates, and other exercises that work the pelvic floor muscles, increase blood flow, and vasocongestion, [which] are all important in building sexual arousal," Dr. Fleming says. 

When confirming with fitness experts, Lovehoney attests that stronger pelvic floor muscles make everything more intense: the sensation and the O. 

Perhaps now is the time to enroll in a few online pilates classes?

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2. Planks

Planks target your upper body, core and lower body, so in a sense, it's the full package. 

"I don’t know of a sexual position that doesn’t benefit from core muscle strength," Dr. Fleming says. 

Plus, the physical benefits can boost your endurance according to fitness pros: planks give your arms staying power for positions where you're on top and they improve thrusting and support your body when things intensify. No one wants to pull their back.

3. Squats

Want to give your bottom half some love? Squats are the answer.

"A toned butt leads to better sex on many levels, it both looks and feels sexy," Fleming says. "Not to mention, power in the legs and buttocks are helpful for women on top sexual positions."

If you're feeling extra motivated in the workout room, and beyond, check out the most Googled sex positions to prove just how beneficial those squats have been.

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The top stamina-boosting exercises for men:

In the event you want to give these methods a try for yourself—or pass on the information to a partner—here are Lovehoney's most recommended exercises for men to improve their sexual performance. 

1. Yoga

"A 2010 study in the Journal of Sexual Medicine found that yoga improves all aspects of the sexual response cycle, desire, arousal (erections) and orgasm (through better ejaculatory control)," Dr. Fleming says. 

The best time to do yoga might be debatable to those who attempt the practice, but we can all agree on the benefits in the bedroom, and we're not just talking about sex: yoga helps you achieve a better night's sleep and will make you take on a mindful outlook. 

2. Swimming

Ready to dive in?

The experts say that swimming helps stamina and cardiovascular functions, which of course is a win on its own. But doing laps in the pool can also decrease stress and anxiety, which in turn boosts the libido. 

(Good thing SKIMS swimsuits are about to hit shelves soon, huh ladies?)

3. Kegels

Another exercise that's kind to the pelvic floor, Kegels can work wonders. They are known to help men control their orgasms and increase testosterone production, per Lovehoney's study.

Feeling inclined to hit the gym? We thought so. Be sure to also check out the best sex tips ever straight from the pros if you're in search of more advice. (No sneakers required this time!)

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