This type of exercise boosts your sex drive, so go tweak your fitness routine

You'll be inclined to hit the gym more often now

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Need motivation to get fit? Certain exercises boost your sex drive, and if that isn't a reason to adopt a new gym routine, we're not sure what is. So, when you're not reaching for one of the best app-controlled vibrators treat yourself to the best workout clothes and make a beeline towards the nearest studio.

According to health professionals at Psychology Today, moderate resistance training and cardio will keep women's sex hormones in check—fancy buffing up on your resistance band exercises? Experts suggest the best workout routine for your age means that you should aim for cardio workouts roughly three to five days per week in your 20s and focus on cardio and flexibility roughly three to four times per week in your 30s. 

We bet you're really thinking about investing in new leggings now, right? 

The Psychology Today findings also indicate that 20 min of cycling simultaneously improves sexual arousal, mobility, and cardiovascular fitness in women by 169%. The effects might be short-lived, but the pros insist it's enough to get things in motion. (See what we did there?) 

Medical experts aren't the only ones paying attention to the correlation between exercise and sex drives—TikTokers are very much on top of the trend. In a now-viral video, user Annie Knight (@annieknight38) discussed the bizarre notion that ab workouts can result in orgasms. 

That's right folks, meet the coregasm. It might sound like a made-up social media phenomenon, but as it turns out, it's a real thing. A study from Indiana University in  Sexual and Relationship Therapy finds that women can orgasm through abdominal workouts, particularly climbing poles and ropes, biking, spinning, and weight lifting. 

Who knew that the gym could be What's better than getting your physical and sexual wellbeing in check in one fell swoop? See you near the bikes.

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