Are any 'Love Is Blind' couples still together? Let's catch up with everyone post-pods

In honor of season 4's premiere, here are all the 'Love Is Blind' couples still together from the entire series

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Are any Love Is Blind couples still together or is the Netflix series a little too far-fetched to work?

We're about to meet the season 4 Love Is Blind cast, a group of hopeful romantics from Seattle looking for their forever person. But before a new slew of singles begins this unorthodox experiment, we'll catch up with couples of seasons past to see how their love lives are going post-pods. 

If you ask host Nick Lachey, the whole point of the experiment is all about building a genuine connection, something we don't always experience nowadays in the world of online dating.

"The whole premise of the show is authenticity," Lachey told People."It’s getting to know someone from their true, real self and then introducing the physical. [It's] probably the most authentic dating show we’ve ever seen that ends at the altar, in my opinion."

But how have the couples fared once they've left the altar?

Are any 'Love Is Blind' couples still together? 

Throughout the three seasons of the series, we've met a handful of pairs working towards their happily ever after. Unfortunately, not many found lasting love in the pods, and there's been a lot of drama along the way. (Looking at you, Damian and Giannina.) But a select few managed to luck out. Here's hoping for a better success rate for the Love Is Blind season 4 couples!

'Love Is Blind' season 1

Lauren and Cameron

Lauren and Cameron fell blindly in love during the debut season, and they're still going strong. On social media, we've gotten a glimpse of their life together: buying a home, welcoming pets and releasing a book on their unexpected journey. 

Though these two are seemingly getting stronger as time marches on, their marriage is not without its challenges. In an interview with Essencein 2021, the couple claimed to be bombarded with questions about children and felt pressured about their future. 

"It's unfortunate because I know other couples are met with that same sort of pressure, and there are couples out there that can't get pregnant or don't want to," Cameron said.

Since their stint on the show, the pair have gone on to celebrate their fourth wedding anniversary with Lauran sharing a tribute to Cameron on Instagram saying: "I can’t believe we are approaching 4 years of marriage this fall!!! 😳💖 wow! Time flies! 🔐👩🏾‍❤️‍👨🏻"

Amber and Matt

In the debut season, Amber and Matt didn't have an easy start. From other potential love interests to differences in finances, the pair wasn't exactly on the same page. However, they haven't looked back since saying "I do."

'Love Is Blind' season 2

Consider season 2 the sophomore slump: not one couple made it once the cameras stopped rolling. However, viewers were particularly intrigued when Kyle and Deepti formed a strong connection post-pods, even though they had matched with other people. However, they've since gone their separate ways. 

"I understand many of you are curious as to where Deepti and I stand today," Kyle wrote on Instagram. "Since After the Altar was filmed, we had decided to go our separate ways in early summer. Thank you to everyone who has followed our journey through arduous vulnerability and has supported us along the way."

Ahead of Love Is Blind: After the Altar season 2, Danielle and Nick shockingly revealed that they had split, much to fans' surprise. Shortly after, Jarrette and Iyanna revealed they, too, were going their separate ways, likely because of their different lifestyles and her frustration with his partying. 

'Love Is Blind' season 3

Alexa and Brennon

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We've said it before and we'll say it again: it was love at first sound for these two. Upon their first interactions—sight unseen—Alexa and Brennon were exchanging "I love you's" and ultimately went through with their engagement. No one who watched season 3 was surprised. 

Colleen and Matt (season 3)

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Colleen had a rough go in the pods, but after two rejections she made a lasting connection with Matt. They found their happily ever after, but not without a few setbacks along the way (namely her interest in fellow contestant, Cole). Now they're man and wife...even though Matt and Colleen aren't living together yet. 

'Love Is Blind' season 4

The wait is almost over, folks! Love Is Blind season 4 premieres on March 24 on Netflix. 

Here is your schedule and guide to all of the Love Is Blind season 4 episodes. Don't miss a minute of the romance...and drama!

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