The Bachelor in Paradise 2021 cast—who's hitting the island this year?

It's the roster we've been waiting for: the Bachelor in Paradise 2021 cast list

BACHELOR IN PARADISE - "601A" - In the premiere episode of what promises to be another wild ride of "Bachelor in Paradise," our favorite members of Bachelor Nation begin their journey for another chance at finding love at a luxurious Mexico resort
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Ready for the Bachelor in Paradise 2021 cast list? After much speculation, the highly-anticipated lineup has surfaced, and fans are anxious for rose-less contestants to get a second (or third or fourth) chance at finding a match.

Who will walk away with love, and who will channel that epic Katie and Greg fight? We're about to find out.

The dating show's seventh season will kick off on ABC on August 16th at 8pm Eastern/7pm Central. Summer might be winding down, but things are only getting hotter...and messier...thanks to BiP.

Who is in the Bachelor in Paradise 2021 cast?

It's official—the island-goers are aplenty! Here are the Bachelor and Bachelorette alumni who are making their way over to Paradise

  • Becca Kufrin (Arie's season) 
  • Tia Booth (Arie's season) 
  • Kendall Long (Arie's season)
  • Abigail Heringer of The Bachelor (Matt's season)
  • Brendan Morais of The Bachelorette Clare and Tayshia's season)
  • Deandra Kanu of The Bachelor (Peter's season)
  • Ivan Hall of The Bachelorette (Clare and Tayshia's season)
  • Jessenia Cruz of The Bachelor (Matt's season)
  • Joe Amabile of The Bachelorette (Becca's season)
  • Karl Smith of The Bachelorette (Katie's season)
  • Kelsey Weir of  The Bachelor (Peter's season)
  • Kenny Braasch of The Bachelorette (Clare and Tayshia's season)
  • Mari Pepin-Solis of The Bachelor (Matt's season)
  • Maurissa Gunn The Bachelor (Peter's season)
  • Natasha Parker of The Bachelor (Peter's season)
  • Noah Erb of The Bachelorette (Clare and Tayshia's season)
  • Serena Chew of The Bachelor (Matt's season)
  • Serena Pitt of The Bachelor (Matt's season)
  • Tahzjuan Hawkins of The Bachelor (Colton's season)
  • Tammy Ly of The Bachelor (Peter's season)
  • Victoria Larson of The Bachelor (Matt's season)
  • Victoria Paul of The Bachelor (Peter's season)
  • Aaron Clancy of The Bachelorette (Katie's season)
  • Connor Brennan of The Bachelorette (Katie's season)
  • Tre Cooper of The Bachelorette (Katie's season)
  •  James Bonsall of The Bachelorette (Katie's season)

Katie Thurston's matches join the Bachelor in Paradise 2021 cast

Movin' right along: although Aaron Clancy, Connor Brennan, Tre Cooper and James Bonsall didn't earn a rose from Katie—whose Bachelorette season just wrapped up— they'll now have a chance to find their soulmate on the beach. 

Followers collectively swooned when Connor made an appearance to win Katie's heart, and they were equally as impassioned when he was sent packing. 

"It's hard for me because, I don't know, I just feel like, with us, I want it to feel like you are someone I could walk away with at the end of this," Katie revealed to Connor on her season. 

Well, someone else will gladly walk away with him in BiP!

(Side note: Could you imagine if Greg showed up on the island?!) 

Watch the Bachelor in Paradise sneak peek:

The season seven sneak peek comes after the news of Chris Harrison's departure from the Bachelor franchise. Now, we'll have the guidance of multiple hosts on this tropical love journey, including David Spade, Tituss Burgess, Lance Bass and Lil Jon. 

Expect a familiar face to be a source of comfort throughout the romantic adventures: Wells Adams will return as the master of cocktails and ceremonies. 

Who else is ready for a cocktail and a new BiP season? Cheers!

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