It's Mercury in Virgo time—and no, it's not a reason to panic

In fact, astrologers call Mercury in Virgo a breath of fresh air (yes, really!)

Mercury, Mercury in Virgo
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Mercury in retrograde sends us into panic mode. Mercury in Virgo, however, is a breath of fresh air, so let out that much-needed sigh of relief. 

As your August 2021 horoscope might've indicated, Mercury's current travel plans are the perfect excuse to spruce things up, especially in your professional life. (If you take a gander at our favorite gifts astrology fans will love, that adorable planner is perfect for this planetary happening!)

From August 11th to August 30th, the notorious planet, a.k.a. the ruler of communication, will enter Virgo, joining the ranks of Venus and Mars. It's a great opportunity to reshuffle anything that's been out of place, particularly when it comes to work and creative undertakings. 

"If you've been feeling a little all over the place recently, this energetic shift will help you reclaim focus," says astrologer Renée Watt (opens in new tab). "You may also feel drawn to organize your space and plan for the future."

Likewise, astrologer Alice Bell (opens in new tab)notes that Mercury feels most at home when shacking up in Virgo, which is the reason for a shift in your professional life. 

"It might be easier for you to get organized, get on top of your work, manage your schedule more effectively and kind of just go about your day really efficiently and paying attention to not miss any detail," she says. 

Bell adds that it might kind of cut that relaxed summer vibe short, but 'tis the season to go back to school and, for some of us, back to the office for the first time in months. Perhaps this energy could best be utilized as you transition to a somewhat more "normal" routine rather than the work-from-home lifestyle you've grown accustomed to. Dare we say is Mercury being...helpful?! Looks like it! (Get all of those retrograde notions out of your head.)

Mercury in Virgo: what does that mean for me?

Yes, it might be that perfect time to get your work tasks in tip-top shape, or it might finally be time to take that creative project to new levels, but there is definitely a way in which to approach this empowering, let's-get-it-done mindset. 

"Maintaining healthy habits will go a long way for your psyche right now, so you might want to consider implementing consistent sleeping, eating and exercise schedules," Watt says. 

She continues: "To-do lists also go great with this cosmic climate. A good rule of thumb is to write down at least three things (big or small) that you need to accomplish in a single day. This practice will keep you on track which will bring down your stress levels significantly."

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Although the main focus of this planetary shift will be professionally oriented, do use this as a time to say what you need to say to colleagues, friends and lovers.  

"Because it [Mercury] is associated with communication, it's just easier to get your point across when you do want to communicate something that's on your mind," Bell says.

Mercury moves quickly, and it'll be leaving Virgo at the end of the month and heading for Libra in September. If your Mercury senses are tingling and you're curious when to expect a bit of chaos, Mercury in retrograde is expected on September 27th. But don't sweat it—we're here to help you get through any cosmic chaos you're anticipating. You've got this and we've got you. 

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