Who is 'Hype House's' Mia Hayward? Get to know the dramatic TikTok influencer

Curious about Mia? 'Hype House's' contentious resident has caused a buzz among those who have started the docuseries

Jack Hayward, Jack Wright, Mia Hayward, Thomas Petrou attend Wheelhouse and Rally's celebrity and content-creator private fund raise event, with rare collectibles on display from sports, culture and history on October 13, 2021 in Los Angeles, California.
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Who exactly is Mia? Hype House's contentious resident might not be the most high-profile influencer in the LA abode, but we'll get you acquainted with Ms. Hayward and how she fits in with the "content collective".

By now, you've learned all about the luxurious $5 million mansion where young TikTok heavyweights gather to create their magic...and rake in some serious cash in the process. (When you see how much TikTok's highest earners made in 2021, your jaw will drop.) 

While the likes of Addison Rae  and the D'Amelio sisters—who have parted ways with the IRL TikTok hotspot—have garnered most of the attention, those who have started bingeing the Hype House docuseries on Netflix have quickly formulated many thoughts on Hayward. 

If reality TV and social media are your favorite guilty pleasures, allow us to spill the tea.

Who's Mia, 'Hype House's' outspoken resident?

Mia is a California native who has amassed quite a virtual entourage—1.1 million followers on Instagram and 3.7 million followers on TikTok. She is known mostly for posting outfit inspiration and fashion moments on her pages. 


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Are Mia and Thomas still together?

Sure the clothes might be a driving force behind clicks and likes, but Ms. Hayward's relationship is really the talk of the town. She has been with longtime beau (and high school sweetheart) Thomas Petrou, aka the Hype House co-founder.

"My role in the Hype House is kind of like the dad of the house and I would say like the 'manager,' but I don’t take a percentage of anybody," Petrou claimed in the pilot episode of the documentary. 

Although breakup and even engagement speculations have been circulating the interwebs, it appears the two are not headed down the aisle but are still in fact an item. They even share a pup named Leo. 

Their romance has been a serious source of scrutiny amongst house members and its following. Many claim Hayward does not belong in the Hype House at all and simply gets a free pass because of her relationship. Naysayers think that she is far too quick to judge and call others out when she does not have the social media standing of her counterparts. 

Yes, she's been facing some brutal comments from those who started the series. (Warning: expletives ahead.) 

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Fans of Mia and her relationship with Petrou seem to think they're a social media power couple. They'll counter negative comments and say that she is outspoken and the only one to tell it like it is. They'll go as far as to say her persona—but on and offline—is more genuine than the others'. 

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Sound a bit like high school? Well, that's because it kind of is! The median age of the Hype House members hovers in the early 20s. 

If you want to go back to those cliquey moments in the hallway near your locker, you should check out He's All That, a reboot of the '90s romcom. It stars social media sensation Addison Rae and, like Hype House, is also available on Netflix.

It's truly a TikToker's world—we're just living in it.

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