Everything you need to know about 'Midnight Mass,' Netflix's new horror obsession

Father Paul has arrived, and he's ready to shake things up in 'Midnight Mass,' Netflix's spooky new hit

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Midnight Mass, Netflix's eerie theologic thriller, has captivated viewers and made them think twice about taking a seat in the pews. If you're looking for a cozy night in with a hint of horror, dim the lights, amp up those hygge vibes and prepare to be spooked—Father Paul's got it covered. 

The Netflix miniseries follows a man named Riley who returns home to Crockett Island, where he is forced to come to terms with his past behaviors and struggles with alcoholism. But Riley isn't the only one who shows up: a new priest makes his way to the small town, and once he does, unexplainable phenomena start to occur. They seem inexplicable, but are the so-called miracles just that, or is there something more to Father Paul's story? 

While we love a hot priest cameo à la Fleabag, this clergyman is a lot more terrifying than he is swoon-worthy—trust us on that one. 


Watch the 'Midnight Mass' Netflix trailer:

Take a sneak peek into Crockett Island's odd happenings upon Father Paul's arrival. Would you want to stay in this tiny town? (We'd bail as soon as humanly possible.) 

Who wrote 'Midnight Mass'?

Mike Flanagan, the mastermind behind Netflix's binge-worthy The Haunting of Hill House and The Haunting of Bly Manor, created this addicting new series. It goes without saying, but this means you'll want to add it to your queue. 

How many episodes of 'Midnight Mass' are there? 

Seven hour-plus episodes make up this new limited series and all have biblical references. The order of the episodes is as follows: 

  • "Book One: Genesis"
  • "Book Two: Psalms"
  • "Book Three: Proverbs"
  • "Book IV: Lamentations"
  • "Book V: Gospel"
  • "Book VI: Acts of the Apostles" 
  • "Book VII: Revelation"

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Who is in the 'Midnight Mass' cast?

Here's who is who:

  • Zach Gilford as Riley Flynn
  • Hamish Linklater as Father Paul Hill
  • Kate Siegel as Erin Greene
  • Samantha Sloyan as Beverly Keane
  • Rahul Kohli as Sheriff Hasan
  • Rahul Abburi as Ali Hassan
  • Annabeth Gish as Dr. Sarah Gunning
  • Henry Thomas as Ed Flynn
  • Kristin Lehman as Annie Flynn
  • Igby Rigney as Warren Flynn
  • Annarah Cymone as Leeza Scarborough
  • Robert Longstreet as Joe Collie

What is the monster in 'Midnight Mass'?

Without giving too much away, the monster is a mix of an angel and a vampire and draws on inspiration from the 1995 film The Prophecy. We won't say more. 

Is 'Midnight Mass' based on a book?

While yes, there is a book titled Midnight Mass by F. Paul Wilson, the series stems from Flanagan's real-life experiences. (Well, with some creative flair, of course.)

While in Sunday school, Flanagan always questioned how Catholicism wasn't tied to vampirism considering he was taught that he was eating the body and blood of Christ. Then, boom: inspiration! 

Flanagan has been toying with this storyline for years and even hints of his other projects are present in Midnight Mass, and vice versa. You'll just have to keep a watchful eye for those horror-themed Easter eggs. 

Where is 'Midnight Mass' filmed? 

Crockett Island might be fictional, but Garry Point Park in British Columbia, Canada, is the film set that brings the frightening locale to life. 

Ready to dive in? We can't blame you, though don't expect a happily-ever-after.

"The story had the kind of Jonestown sequence that made it clear we were fully telling a parable and a tragic, terrible one at that," Flanagan revealed to Entertainment Weekly

Looks like there's a new horror fan-favorite to add to our lists.

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