When does You season 3 come out? Everything we know so far including what you can expect from the final installment

You season 3 is about to be even more terrifying than we thought, according to the book's author Caroline Kepnes

Penn Badgley attends "You" New York series premiere on September 6, 2018 in New York City
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Late last year, Netflix revealed that You season 3 is officially in production and yes, we're struggling to contain our excitement. 

The streaming platform, which was forced to pause production on all of its major shows following the outbreak of coronavirus earlier this year, has found a way to successfully resume shooting schedules while adhering to social distancing rules. 

The good news means that the studio has now confirmed that Penn Badgley and the rest of the You cast are back in action for the third season of the popular drama. 

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When does You season 3 come out?

Announcing the news in an eery tweet, Netflix wrote: "We recommend you stay at least 6 feet from Joe Goldberg at all times," alongside Badgley, who plays the creepy  Joe Golberg, wearing a face covering that says "Hello You". 

No word yet on when season 3 of You will finally hit the streaming platform, but we've got our fingers firmly crossed that it won't take long.

What can we expect from You season 3?

The show, which is based on Caroline Kepnes' novel of the same name, blew up after Netflix added the first season to its roster in 2018. As fans will know, it saw New York bookstore manager Joe become infatuated with  aspiring writer named Guinevere Beck (played by Elizabeth Lail) when she walks into the shop one day. 

The story escalates as he develops a delusional obsession, which proves to be a dangerous pattern in his life and things take a very dark turn. In the second season of the show, Joe moves to Los Angeles, where once again he finds a new victim to his deadly infatuation. Despite his hopes of rebuilding himself as a better person, his stalkerish ways and murderous behaviour continues when he meets Love Quinn (played by Victoria Pedretti - who gave us major jewelry envy). 

However this time, Joe may have actually met his match as the last few episodes of the season sees Love confess that she not only knows all about Joe's darkness, but has secrets of her own. She tells him that she actively sought him out as she believes that they're meant to be because of their troublesome upbringings and the two actually end up together. The season draws to a close as the two move to the suburbs with Love pregnant with their first child. But how long will it take before Joe's back to his old ways? 

In an interview with Glamour, Kepnes teased what we can expect to see in the third season if the script follows her last book. "Love has become both the mother of Joe's child and the source of Joe's agony. He's insta-stalking her, watching her stories, well aware that this is bad for him - but... well, when does that knowledge ever stop any of us from going back in?" she explained. 

"In the last book, Joe was swept up by Love's family, the power of all that warmth, the wealth and comfort he'd never known. In You Love Me, I wanted him to deal with the dark side of that familial wealth, the control, to see what it feels like when the sun stops shining on you. And you will learn about Love Quinn's own struggle with motherhood, mourning and her mixed feelings about her baby daddy."

As for Joe's new obsession, many have speculated about who the mystery woman we see him watching through his garden in the final episode of season two is and Kepnes has the answer. 

"Joe moves to Bainbridge Island – an exceptionally dreamy place that Joe craves after binging on Debbie Macomber books – where he meets Mary Kay, a mature woman, a kindred spirit, a librarian, a mum. She's grounded in a way that sets her apart from his past girlfriends," she tells the publication. "He wants to clean up the mess of this woman's social network and he sees himself as the real saviour. Are old friends good if they're bad for you? Why do women feel so responsible for the men in their lives? Joe and Mary Kay get very close, so this experience brings out the best and worst in him." 

Eeek, sounds like there's a lot to unpack! 

Teasing the upcoming season, Victoria Pedretti told NBC News: "It's f**king wild. I personally think it's already stronger than last season."

She continued: "It's everything I hoped for in imagining a world in which Joe and Love could be really confronted with themselves, and it creates so much space for so much tragedy and hilarity, and I'm so psyched."

So are we!

You season 3 trailer

Sadly, Netflix has yet to release a trailer for You season 3, but we're keeping our eyes peeled for one soon. 

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