What is the Moon Phase TikTok trend? Users are looking to the moon for their romantic compatibility

The Moon Phase TikTok trend is going viral—but what on earth is it?

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The Moon Phase TikTok trend is going viral, but does the moon really hold any kind of sway when it comes to sussing out your soulmate? Let's take a telescope and point it at this trend, shall we?

So far, 2023 has given us a fair few interesting (to say the least) relationship-themed trends, like the 'boyfriend air' theory and the NSFW 'mascara' trend, but this latest celestial movement is really racking up the views. To really drive home the popularity of this trend, the hashtag #moonphasetrend now has 57.8 million views to its name alone.

But while many of us feel like our zodiac signs can say a lot about us and even sometimes give us a good understanding of astrology compatibility in our relationships, this latest TikTok trend might be giving that glowy orb in the sky a little too much credit...

Or perhaps the moon phases really do hold the answers to our romantic destinies—after all the March full moon may be able to affect our moods (these full moon memes just prove our point). We'll let you decide that one for yourself. Here's everything you need to know about the new moon phase trend on TikTok and how to recreate the rather aesthetic videos yourself.

So, what is the Moon Phase TikTok trend?

As the name would suggest, this trend revolves around the moon phases. Users are turning to moon phase calculators to find out precisely what the moon looked like when they and their significant others were born (using your date of births), before then combining their two moon phases to see if they're a near or perfect match—slotting together like a celestial jigsaw.

According to the trend, you and your partner are soulmates if your moons converge perfectly together, to create a full moon.


♬ Every Summertime - NIKI

♬ Every Summertime - NIKI

♬ Every Summertime - NIKI

Now, of course, there is no scientific proof out there that the moon holds any kind of magical, soulmate-deducing powers. But we must admit when users show their two moons joining together to form almost a complete circle or matching the same exact same portion of the moon, it's hard not to think their relationship wasn't indeed, written in the stars (forgive the pun).

That being said, there will be 13 full moons alone this year (with the next full moon happening very soon), so you could put having a perfectly converging moon all down to just chance and coincidence, not a sign from the universe. Cynic or romantic though, we don't judge.

How to do the Moon Phase trend on TikTok?

Thankfully for all you romantics out there, this TikTok moon phase trend is pretty straightforward—with a number of users actually sharing tutorials on how to create your moon phase video. 

The most popular method is to head to a moon phase calculator and just type in your date of birth, followed by your partner's and then screenshot both moon phases. Then crop them so they are the exact same size when they overlap to display your 'moon phase compatibility.'


♬ Every Summertime - NIKI

♬ original sound - Erica

You can then head over to the CapCut app (you'll need to download it from the app store if you don't already have it). If and when you have the app, you can then select 'CapCut - Try this template' from one of the actual Moon Phase TikTok videos—including this one above from @erixa_48, if you view in the TikTok app—which will open up the exact template required for making your video.

Then just press 'Use this template in CapCut' and simply import your moon photos and enter your chosen text, before setting it on the song 'Every Summertime' by NIKI which is the viral sound for the trend.

There you have it, you can now go on your merry way to create your moon phase video. Though maybe keep in mind that your partner's birth moon not completely matching up to yours, like two halves of a heart locket, is not necessarily a dump-able offense...

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