Full moon memes to keep you laughing throughout the lunation

From rituals to emotions, these full moon memes touch on everything you experience during the celestial cycle

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When it comes to astrological giggles, full moon memes run a close race to the infamous Mercury retrograde hype. 

The monthly lunation is seen as a culmination, a time in which we should prepare to do away with something—or even someone—who is no longer serving our needs. Things can get pretty intense, and we might even be inclined to ugly cry à la Kim Kardashian.  

Naturally, this emotional transit is prime time for the internet to do its thing. When searching for relatable memes, astrology-inclined folks will tell you the moon deserves all the spotlight. 

Get ready to laugh, cry and reach for the crystals. It's time for your favorite celestial body to make some waves in your newsfeeds and FYPs. (Psst: check out our guide to crystals for beginners if you're interested in snagging a few stones ahead of the full moon.) 

The full moon of December is setting on a beautiful blue - purple hour in tender light of winter sunrise.

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The funniest full moon memes

Allow us to present to you the full moon in all of its glory, one of the best gifts astrology fans can receive. Oh, and if you're looking for tips and tricks for this particular transit, do check out our 2022 calendar, so you'll never need to ask "When is the next full moon" again.

1. When you're trying to concentrate

Please silence your phones, full moon rituals are in progress. Thank you so much. 

2. When you have an audience

Isn't it frustrating when you're doing your best to conduct a full moon ritual and you have a nosy Earl Hindman of sorts peeking over the fence? This is serious work and requires concentration.

3. When you're feeling ~emotional~

Fear not: you're not the only one who gets teary-eyed when la bella luna does her thing.

4. When you can't control said emotions

* Reaches for tissues *

5. When you're feeling victimized

And you thought Regina George was a difficult bully. 

5. When you need to charge your crystals

Incoming! These bad boys aren't going to cleanse themselves. 

Though the new moon is a time to manifest, not necessarily the full moon, if you're working with crystals during this time, astrologer Noush of Girl and her Moon has a few things to note. 

"I would say the sun energy allows your stone to empower you to face the world whereas the moon energy empowers you from within in to step into that deeper internal intention," she previously told My Imperfect Life.

Again, do be advised that the full moon manifesting misconception is alive and well: save those actions for the new moon. ("When is the next new moon," you ask? We've got you covered.) 

6. When you and the moon have a mutual understanding

You two are kind of like business partners!

7. When you're trying to cope

We get it—it ain't easy!

8. When you don't follow through with your rituals

Whoops! There's always next month, right?

9. When you receive a fair warning

Well, she isn't wrong...

10. When the moon gets frustrated

The full moon just needs some space, ok guys?

11. When you love to stare at the full moon

No, it never gets old!

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