Want to know the most popular zodiac signs? These are the ones people love the most

A study has revealed the most popular zodiac signs (and the least), and you might be surprised...

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The most popular zodiac signs have been revealed! Whether you're an Aries, Capricorn or Gemini, you'll of course have your own brilliant qualities, and people who gravitate towards you specifically. But according to a study, there are a couple of star signs that people, in general, are drawn to the most.

People with certain astrological birth charts fare better than others in the celestial rankings, according to a Twitter survey by PsychicWorld.com. While one sign out of the 12 emerges as the star, there's another that is unfortunately considered the Mercury retrograde of the zodiac (which, if you don't speak astrology, isn't a great spot to be in).

Read on to find out the results of the cosmic popularity contest—including which fire signs get us hot-headed, and the water signs people gravitate most towards. And if the findings aren't quite what you were hoping for, then what better excuse to indulge in some fun astrology gifts to cheer yourself up?

Can we have a drumroll, please? According to PsychicWorld, here are the zodiac signs in order of preference. Apologies to the water sign in the #12 spot. (We love you, always!)

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  1. Aries (Fire)
  2. Sagittarius (Fire)
  3. Leo (Fire)
  4. Libra (Air)
  5. Pisces (Water)
  6. Capricorn (Earth)
  7. Taurus (Earth):
  8. Cancer (Water)
  9. Virgo (Earth)
  10. Gemini (Air)
  11. Aquarius (Air)
  12. Scorpio (Water)

Aries takes the top spot, which we suppose isn't all that surprising given their natural optimism, their bravery, creativity, and penchant for adventure. 

And sadly, Scorpio's round out the bottom of this list—though it doesn't mean they aren't just as lovable!

Overall, it seems that people love fire signs' liveliness and enthusiasm, given that fire signs occupy the top three spots. Yet it seems that many of us take issue with emotionally reserved air signs, with a few of these lingering near the bottom of the list.

"Air signs are some of the wittiest and most intellectual members of the zodiac, and they are especially skilled at flirting and charming the pants off of those they encounter... but only if they're in the mood to do so," says astrologer Renée Watt.

Then we have the empathetic water signs, such as Pisces, Cancer and Scorpio. This is a trait that makes them popular, although Scorpio's desire to seek meaningful relationships with a smaller group—meaning they might seem a bit closed off—may explain why they're in last place.

Meet the expert: Renée Watt

Astrologer Renée Watt has offered her expertise for a variety of publications, including Cosmo, InStyle, Girlboss and more. She hosts a weekly podcast called "The Glitter Cast" and is a cohost of the occult livestream  “Betwixt The Shadows.”

"I think the idea that water signs are always emotional is a pretty bold misconception," adds Watt. "Sometimes water signs shut down because they've been berated by too much emotion recently and they need a time out."

Interestingly, the dependable earth signs (such as Virgos, Taureans, and Capricorns) fall right in the middle, a trait that you'd think would send them soaring up the rankings. 

"They are super reliable, loyal and tend to be pretty straightforward," Watt said. "You don't get a lot of games with earth signs because they'd rather direct their energy toward enjoying life and being productive." Not that those who responded to the survey felt this way...

Liz Simmons

Liz Simmons' astrological practice blends traditional Hellenistic with modern techniques that utilize the tropical zodiac, Placidus House system, and Whole House system. Plus, she incorporates her psychology background into her work. 

The good news is that, whatever your star sign, astrology compatibility means that there there will always be different people drawn to particular star signs. Indeed, all of the zodiac signs have their positive points—just as all people have their better sides, and their less favorable sides. We're only human, after all!

"Anything can work," says astrologer Liz Simmons. "If you're not willing to work with a sign, then maybe you have to figure out why. That probably says more about you and the shadow aspects of your own zodiac sign more so than theirs."

Whatever you do, don't let the rankings send you into a tailspin. And take a look at our weekly horoscopes to help you get back on the right astrological track!

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