What are the most popular zodiac signs? A new study aimed to find out

Fire signs are, quite literally, on fire—is yours one of the most popular zodiac signs around?

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Curious about the most popular zodiac signs? The winner of the cosmic popularity contest has officially been revealed. 

There are 12 signs within the zodiac, and no birth chart is exactly alike. Various elements contribute to different types of personalities, and certain fire signs seem to reign supreme, if you're going by a new survey. 

Curious to see who's been crowned the best? Wondering where your sign stacks up? PsychicWorld.com did some digging via Twitter to uncover the most popular celestial sign. Drumroll, please...

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By scanning thousands of tweets, PsychicWorld.com aimed to uncover if the public's view on each sign is more positive or negative. Here are the top zodiac signs in order, and their corresponding popularity stats. 

  1. Aries (Fire):
    62.30% positive, 25.76% neutral, 11.95% negative
  2. Sagittarius (Fire):
    59.67% positive, 25.34% neutral, 14.99% negative
  3. Leo (Fire):
    53.41% positive, 32.98% neutral, 13.61% negative
  4. Libra (Air):
    51.91% positive, 34.27% neutral, 13.82% negative
  5. Pisces (Water):
    51.68% positive, 33.09% neutral, 15.22% negative
  6. Capricorn (Earth):
    50.65% positive, 29.61% neutral, 19.74% negative
  7. Taurus (Earth):
    51.91% positive, 32.61% neutral, 17.19% negative
  8. Cancer (Water):
    49.54% positive, 29.75% neutral, 20.71% negative
  9. Virgo (Earth):
    46.1% positive, 31.97% neutral, 15.19% negative
  10. Gemini (Air):
    45.76% positive, 34.07 neutral, 20.17% negative
  11. Aquarius (Air):
    45.19% positive, 41.09% neutral, 13.72% negative
  12. Scorpio (Water):
    44.29% positive, 33.96% neutral, 21.75% negative

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When going by the crowd-sourced data, it appears that people love fire signs' liveliness yet they take issue with the witty and emotionally reserved air signs. Water signs are empathetic, which makes them popular, though Scorpio's desire to seek meaningful relationships with a smaller group might explain why they're in dead last. 

Were you surprised by the data? Do you agree or disagree with any of the findings? The good news about each sign and their astrology compatibility is that any combination is possible—you just have to be open to it. 

"Anything can work," says astrologer Liz Simmons. "If you're not willing to work with a sign, then maybe you have to figure out why. That probably says more about you and the shadow aspects of your own zodiac sign more so than theirs."

Whether or not you're a fan of the survey, do be sure to make the most out of the year ahead, regardless of what your sign might be. Check out our money horoscope 2022 and love horoscope 2022 to see how things will unfold for you.

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