The most romantic day of the year is coming, but it's NOT Valentine's Day

Venus in Pisces, 2023's anticipated astrology happening, is giving the holiday a run for its money

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Romance abounds on February 14, but astrologers say Venus in Pisces, 2023's soothing and refreshing transit, is what will truly send our hearts aflutter. 

By all means, proceed with those adorable Valentine's Day nail art designs and add a pop of red and pink to your Valentine's Day outfits, but don't stop celebrating once the holiday has passed. In fact, Venus' upcoming journey is arguably the best February astrology events, so keep the lovey-dovey vibes going.  

"The planet of love is now breaking free from the restrictions of Saturn which she has been under while in both Capricorn and Aquarius," says astrologer Desiree Roby Antila. "This shift allows our love life to be more fluid and freer without the structure Saturn requires. This our time to connect with our heart and let it breathe its truth through love and dreams."

Let's find out how to make the most out of this lovely time of the year! (Chocolates not required but certainly encouraged.) 

Meet the expert: Desiree Roby Antila

Desiree Roby Antila, author of Sun Signs in Love, specializes in sun signs and astrological relationships. She has been studying astrology for several decades and has written numerous articles on matchmaking, cosmic timing, forecasts, and more. Desiree also teaches astrology classes in her local community and has conducted hundreds of natal chart and synastry readings.

Venus in Pisces 2023: what you need to know

  • When: February 15-20, 2023

So, Valentine's Day, or Venus in Pisces Eve, is a precursor to what to expect on the day itself (the 15th). It's all-things emotional and fantasy-driven...but in a good way. 

"Pisces being a water sign and thriving on emotions means we all get to daydream a bit more during this transit, so romance goes into higher gear, and we are promised to have a lovely time around the people we love," says Iva Naskova, a Western astrologer at Nebula. "In addition, this transit makes us appreciate spirituality more and create deeper and more meaningful relationships."

Meet the expert: Iva Naskova

Iva Naskova is a Western Astrologer at Nebula: Horoscope&Astrology Platform. Iva has over seven years of experience. Helping people to figure out love and career matters and find their inner peace using astrology is what Ivana is most passionate about. 

What to expect from Venus in Pisces

Though the planet of love and the water sign might get an emotional rep, the meaning behind their union might actually surprise you, according to Naskova. 

"It is a common misunderstanding that under this influence, love is blind, and you live in a fairytale. On the contrary, Venus in Pisces gives a strong boost to your intuition, and you will finally be able to hear your heart loud and clear," she says. "So if you decide to listen to it, it will take you toward happiness in love and a sense of fulfillment."

Will you be tuning in or ignoring that intuition?

Venus in Pisces tips

Now is the time to be truthful and go with your gut. Plus, evolutionary astrologer Dalila Salgueiro is all for planning. 

"This week is the perfect time to manifest the relationships you want in your life." she says. 'The main principle of manifesting is knowing what you want and working alongside the Universe to make it into a reality. This can be implemented through daily visualization, journaling and affirmation techniques."

What's more, it's not just about romantic love—this transit is about things you're passionate about.

"We will be able to feel and relate deeply to love, art, poetry, music," Roby Antila says. "This is a great time to let creativity flow and allow beauty to be front and center."

Considering this falls a few days after the creative February full moon 2023, keep those artistic vibes going!

Meet the expert: Dalila Salgueiro

Dalila is an astro-manifesting coach and the founder of @themanifestingappas well as Comms Ça PR agency based in London and New York. 

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