February's snow moon is a creative transit that will leave us on a 'natural high'—especially these signs

Curious what else to expect from the full moon February 2023? Astrology experts spill all!

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Just what the universe ordered: the full moon February 2023! Astrology experts say it's a delightful, creative transit we should all embrace. (We're ready!) 

If you've taken a look at your February 2023 horoscope, you've realized that the next 28 days are going to be particularly positive. Our in-house astrologer, Narayana Montúfarsays the month "comes packed with opportunities to make stuff happen!" If you were looking for a sign to get a few projects off the ground, this is the time. "The universe is paving the way for your success," she adds. 

And one of the reasons for this positivity is largely thanks to the next full moon. The lunar phase, known as the snow moon, emphasizes creativity, bravery and self-love—a little bit of everything we love. While the January full moon in 2023 offered a calm, easygoing way to start the new year, February is calling for expression. We certainly hope you have those art supplies and blank Word docs at the ready.

"This full moon could lead to projects, ideas and other artistic ventures coming to fruition," says astrologer Liz Simmons. "It could even be the time when we feel like the main character since the lunation will encourage us to put ourselves first."

Given its placement in Leo, we can't say this comes as a surprise. 

"The full moon in Leo will surely warm the winter night sky with its fiery energy," Simmons adds. "As we think about the last six months, we may find that Leo's bold, creative energy colored our lunar cycle with confidence and pride."

Let's dive in and learn more about this particular moon phase.

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Meet the expert: Liz Simmons

Liz Simmons is a freelance writer, astrologer, and tarot reader based in Salem, MA. She views astrology and tarot as another tool in our arsenal to understand the cosmic interplay in our lives. Currently, Liz contributes astrological articles and horoscopes to StyleCaster, POPSUGAR and Astrology.com. She is also the resident astrologer at ASCEND Get Lifted. Check out Liz’s Instagram @the__crone and her website, the-crone.com. 

What can we expect from the February Leo full moon (a.k.a. the snow moon)?

Mark your calendars: the snow moon in Leo will take place on Sunday, February 5, 2023.

It'll be a bold, expressive time, and we can't help but feel excited and motivated to pursue our passions. Nebula's astrologer, Patrick Price, concurs.

"You can expect to be riding a natural high over the full moon as, for most, life will feel effortless but still exciting and fun," he says. "However, the stars' positions also mean there could be some hurdles to face, mainly around keeping an open mind. Not allowing your energy to become shut off or closed may feel like a challenge, but it is worth overcoming!"

Let's make sure to be accepting, even if something doesn't necessarily go our way. 

astrologer patrick price
Meet the expert: Patrick Price

Patrick Price is Nebula: Horoscope and Astrology App’s expert specializing in tarot, angel readings and Western astrology. Patrick is a queer man who comes from a gypsy family. Tarot is deeply rooted in his family’s culture. He’s been doing tarot for the past eight years and astrological readings for the last three years. Patrick specializes in coaching through starts and finding purpose in life. You can always connect with him in Nebula.

There's plenty of positivity coming our way, but we can't just sit by idly waiting for it; we have to embrace it. Price suggests keeping a diary for this particular lunation.

"With this particular moon, journaling will also be a way to get the most out of it," he says. "Before the full moon, write a list of achievements and celebrate where you are. Then, list some changes you want to experience moving forward."

Have a look at guided journaling ideas to get the wheels in motion. 

"As with all full moons, preparation is critical to ensure you experience all the goodness it has to offer," Price adds. "And why wouldn't you?!"

Like other events, there are a few roadblocks that could potentially arise, but fortunately, Simmons has some solid advice for us.

"Since the full moon will oppose the sun in Aquarius, this will act as our reminder to remain genuinely generous and friendly without expecting much in return," she says. "The full moon's opposition with the sun could even be our cosmic cue to bring others into the spotlight with us."

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How will the February full moon affect each sign?

Price's monthly astrology gift to readers is providing everyone with a personalized celestial scoop, which you can read below. But four members of the zodiac in particular will have a strong connection to la bella luna. 

"All fixed signs—Leo, Aquarius, Scorpio and Taurus—will be impacted by the full moon," Simmons says. "It will be transformative since it will represent the end of a significant six-month cycle for each fixed sign."


Now is not the time to hold back, Aries. Embrace all that you're capable of.  

"The February full moon will ask you to consider and examine your self-limiting beliefs," Price says. "Only you have the power to fulfill your potential, and it starts with some inner kindness and self-belief. Awareness is the first step towards forgiveness, and that is what you must do: forgive yourself. The reason you are getting invited to examine these is so that you can be aware of the stories you believe about yourself."


Remember how we're told to keep an open mind? That's especially true for you, Taurus. Even when it might seem a bit hard to be accepting, try to work through the hurdles, as the lunation might "reveal a new path you may not have considered."

"Sometimes ignorance can be bliss, but ignorance around the full moon might mean a great opportunity passing you by," Price warns. "Keep your eyes on the horizon and not down at your feet."


"Reconnect with your inner child through memory and nostalgia around the full moon, and you will experience positive effects," Price says. "The full moon arrives at just the right time when you reminisce about simpler times. There is an innocence within you that has been neglected."

Nothing wrong with giving into nostalgia every now and then, right?


Now is a time to shine, Cancer. Take in all the positivity around you and celebrate those victories, even if they feel small. And, Price says that this lunation is even a great time to make a quick trip if you so choose. (And if you do, we've fittingly rounded up the luckiest places in the world to visit for a dose of good fortune!)

"Getting out and about will amplify the satisfaction and fulfillment you experience," he says. "If you allow yourself to be present and take stock of where you are at this moment in time, you will be invited to feel a sense of completion and wholeness, fulfillment and satisfaction."


You're right where you like to be, Leo—center stage! Why not take a bow and come back for an encore?!

"The full moon encourages you to have fun and allow yourself to take up space: you don't need to justify your joy to anyone," Price says. "Relish this moment by allowing yourself to be your true self. Lean into that Leo joyful sense of humor and embrace your love of laughter."


"The full moon is when you will benefit massively from stepping away from the material world," Price says. "Nature is calling you to return to it; even a little time spent outdoors will rejuvenate you powerfully."

Even if it's just a short walk around the neighborhood or even a hike at a local green space, don't let the cold deter you. Price insists that it'll benefit you in the long run. 

"Escaping the material world will enhance your sense of peace and security around this time," he adds. "It will also reduce any anxious feelings and get you back in touch with yourself."


The Beatles said it best: "all you need is love." (And are we really going to argue with John and Paul?)

"An abundance of love is all around you during the full moon, Libra, so be open to receiving it, and you shall. It is that simple," Price insists. "You could also find yourself with a new love story around this time, whether romantic, a hobby or even a new friendship."

We are certainly open to whatever this moon might bring. 

"You will overflow with love, compassion, joy, euphoria and many high vibrational and positive emotions," Price adds. "Don't look a gift horse in the mouth, and bask in these emotions. Relishing the love you feel will amplify it."


Price insists that whatever you need at this time, the full moon will help. 

"Whatever area of your life is causing you problems right now is the part of your life you need to surrender. Find a way to let the universe know what you need help with, then sit back and release the worry from your mind," he says.


"The full moon is always a great time for self-reflection, so embrace the challenge and let it excite you," Price recommends. 'Now is an excellent time to get in touch with your feelings and approach them in a friendly, curious manner."

But one thing's for sure, you're going to have to be authentic in order to make the most out of this full moon. 

"Being in touch with these inner workings is the only way to tap into more of them, and if you do, it will be an enriching and joyous time for you," Price adds.


An exciting change is on its way for you, Caps, and you have to embrace it! 

"Do not let life be something that simply happens to you. You can be an active participant in the way your life goes," Price says. "It is just on the horizon, and around the full moon, you are being asked to think about what you want from any unexpected changes coming your way."


Time to get spiritual, Aquarius. 

"You're being invited to step into your spirituality this full moon, and there is no better time. The planets ensure that your intuition is on fire, and your heart chakra will feel admiringly open," Price says. " This is good news, as it will allow you to delve into your spiritually curious nature and explore that a bit more. You could get a tarot reading, try a reiki healing session, or even read a book on the zodiac."


It's all about starting fresh, Pisces, and it can be in any area of your life—professionally, socially, romantically and so forth—the ball is in your court. 

"If it needs newness, then that is where you should focus your energies and efforts," Price suggests. "The full moon is an ideal opportunity for you to start new projects or begin to bring to life new ideas. You have what it takes to succeed in this new venture; all you need is to believe in yourself and let your potential soar."

Ready to tackle all that the new year has planned for you? Make sure to check out your 2023 love horoscope and 2023 money and career horoscope. We wish you a successful full moon, dear friends.

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