'My Policeman': release date, Harry Styles' role and everything you need to know

The tumultuous 1950s love story will premiere later this year

harry stles and emma corrin in my policeman
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Fans will have to wait patiently for the My Policeman release date, but in the meantime, they're scooping up plenty of sneak peeks and details, particularly when it comes to a certain 1D band member. 

Unsurprisingly, all eyes are on the film's lead, Harry Styles. "Watermelon Sugar" might be permanently etched in our brains, and we've settled quite comfortably into Harry's House, but we're starting to see the British rock star in a whole new light. Between the first looks of Styles as Tom Burgess and his super-steamy cameo in the Don't Worry Darling trailer, dare we say his music is taking a back seat? 

My Policeman, based on the LGBTQ+ romance novel of the same name, has been in the process of being created for eight years, and originally, Styles was not on the team's radar. It was the "Cinema" singer's interest in the role that eventually landed him the gig. 

"He had read the script so many times that he knew every single beat of it at that meeting," the film's director, Michael Grandage, told Vanity Fair (opens in new tab). "He knew other people’s lines; he knew all of his lines. He knew why he wanted to talk about it, why one scene worked this way and another worked another way."

Judging from the publication's exclusive first-look photos, it's clear Styles has effortlessly morphed into the role. 

The film takes place in the 50s in a world where being gay is not legal, which is particularly challenging for Tom Burgess. Between his career as a policeman, where he's expected to uphold the law, and his feelings towards Patrick Hazelwood, a museum curator, things are tricky. 

Matters of the heart become even trickier when he attempts to mold himself into the "norm" and marries a school teacher, Marion, which of course does not end well. My Policeman flip-flops between time periods, between the start of Marion and Tom's marriage, and decades later when they're attempting to pick up the pieces and let Patrick into their lives after his stroke. 

Given the current political climate, and the need to celebrate Pride Month now more than ever, the premise of the story seems quite timely. 

"The world moves forward slowly and then there are very ignorant people that want to send us back to the ’50s," soccer player Robbie Rogers told Vanity Fair. 

Rogers, who struggled with his sexuality, particularly at the height of his career, was given a copy of My Policeman, which he refers to as his "coming-out book." He and his husband, producer Greg Berlanti, teamed up with Independent Entertainment to turn the story into a film.

David Dawson and Harry Styles on the set of My Policeman

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'My Policeman' release date

Amazon will release the film in theaters in the U.S. and U.K on October 21, and My Policeman will begin streaming worldwide November 4,

'My Policeman' cast

  • Harry Styles as Tom Burgess 
  • David Dawson as Patrick Hazelwood
  • Emma Corrin as Marion Taylor 
  • Linus Roache
  • Rupert Everett 
  • Gina McKee

'My Policeman' book

My Policeman by Bethan Roberts
$17.06, £16.91

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