The April new moon is going to be particularly strong for these 4 signs

Let our cosmic pros tell you what's in store for the lunation

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Ready for the new moon? April 2022's lunation in Aries promises to deliver burst of energy, something we can all appreciate, but which members of the zodiac should be paying close attention?

For the cosmically curious, we dig into one of the most notable April astrology events and why it's just as significant as its counterparts. Read on for everything you need to know about the upcoming new moon and you possibly can react to this phase. 

New Moon April 2022: who will be most affected?

According to astrologer Liz Simmons, Aries, Libra, Cancer and Capricorn will be the ones who experience the April 1st moon phase the most significantly. 

"It may feel like a somewhat raw lunation, and Aries, in particular, might feel it's a little too on the nose with how vulnerable it is in terms of acknowledging what is still plaguing them," Simmons says. 

However, there's a reason behind this celestial motion, as is the case with all astrological happenings. 

"Aries will have a new moon in their first house—which is exploring their identity and appearance—Libra is going to have this in the seventh house, the house of relationships," Simmons says. 

She continues: "Cancer rising will have their lunation in the 10th house of career. Capricorn rising is going to have this in their fourth house, so it's going to put their home life on display."

If there are particular aspects of each area you want to note, depending on your sign, now is the time. 

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As for the rest of us, expect to turn your attention inward. You're going to be a teensy bit self-centered, but that's expected.

"Just like the Aries themes of ego and identity—Aries rules the first house, traditionally—I think it'll bring up these themes for everyone and how we're being authentic to ourselves," Simmons says.

(After all, Aries season does emphasize selfishness, but in the best way possible.)

Since this new moon conjuncts Chiron, Simmons says we'll all be forced to deal with our aggression and what really sets us off. But this is not an excuse to get angry—it's a reason to work on our behaviors. 

Other new moon details

Enjoy the April 1st new moon while you can—the one at the end of the month will coincide with a solar eclipse, so things are bound to get hectic (even if it's a good kind of hectic). 

"Manifest and set your intentions," Simmons suggests. "It's the last new moon you can do it without any universal repercussion because once we enter that eclipse portal, it's a really great time to go with the flow and not necessarily set intentions because eclipses are going to be super chaotic."

Whatever the stars, planets and the rest of the universe have in store, we know we're able to conquer it. With these tips, straight from the pros, you'll learn how to manifest your best life through astrology—new moons, conjunctions, eclipses and all.

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