When is the next solar eclipse? Astrologers want you to embrace this beautiful transit

If you're wondering 'When is the next solar eclipse,' it's right around the corner—and astrologers say it'll be auspicious

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When is the next solar eclipse? The first of the year is about to arrive. 

One of the most anticipated astrology events in 2022, this lunation coincides with the new moon and will shake things up in the best way possible. 

"Eclipses are known for bringing about twists in our path, so it can swing open new doors of opportunities very suddenly, or it can bring unexpected positive news on something, but whatever happens we can trust that it will align us with our destiny," says astrologer Nina Kahn

Light some candles—great gifts astrology fans love—and kick back while the universe does its thing. Things might be a bit hectic, but in a good way!

According to our neighbors at Space.com, a solar eclipse takes place when the moon moves between Earth and the sun, and then casts a shadow over Earth. It can only happen during a new moon when the moon passes directly between the sun and Earth and its shadows fall upon Earth’s surface. 

In terms of astrology, the eclipse is taking place in the middle of Taurus season (a grounded earth sign) and Venus and Jupiter will conjunct in Pisces, which will turn our attention towards expansion, according to astrologer Noush of Girl and Her Moon.

"It's one of the most positive eclipses of the cycle, so it's one of the important ones to take advantage of the good energy," she says. "Let go of the fear, the worry and the lower octave of that Pisces energy and really allow yourself to step into that energy of dreaming, compassion, love, growth and abundance."

Needless to say, this occurrence isn't often, but it'll be worth it—for astronomers and astrologers alike.

When is the next solar eclipse? 

Mark your calendars for Saturday, April 30, 2022. 

In order to embrace whatever destiny has in store, Noush says you need to be open to the intentions you're setting.

"There's value in what you're planting now," she says. "It's a really positive solar eclipse that is an incredible time to go hard or go home. Do that little tiny thing that is going to push you forward."

What to expect during the solar eclipse

"It'll be really beautiful and help us expand our comfort zone in a positive way," Kahn insists. 

Our growing pains won't feel like pains at all—they'll feel like a natural progression.

And don't be surprised if the neighboring Jupiter-Venus action brings about a few changes in your love life. We did mention that Taurus season would be one of the best times of the year to manifest love

All in all, the energy will be intense, but a good kind of intensity. Does anyone else think we're more than ready?

The Totality Solar Eclipse a double exposed image shot with the Blue Ridge Mountains in North Carolina.

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What to avoid during a solar eclipse

Though every astrologer has different opinions, Kahn recommends not trying to interfere with the universe during this time. 

"I advise against doing manifestation rituals or working with the moon to set intentions during an eclipse. I think the energy is much better suited to going inward," she says. 

Noush, on the other hand, believes in taking the necessary steps towards what you desire, but it's not about quantity as much as quality. As long as you're making an impact with your progress, that's what counts. 

"There's value in what you're planting now," she adds. " as long as you set [intentions] forward, you can expect to see them grow gradually over the course of this eclipse cycle, and maybe even beyond."

For the astronomy-attuned among us, never look directly at an eclipse without the proper eyewear, as you can experience retina damage. 

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While there's no telling what doors will open and what types of opportunities will present themselves, sit back and allow the cosmos to do their thing.

"It's important to be willing to go with the flow during this eclipse and not stay stuck in your ways," Kahn says. "Allow yourself to be surprised by life's magic."

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