Aries season 2022 is over, but there's good news for what's next

Bid adieu to Aries season 2022, but don't worry: you'll appreciate what Taurus season has in store

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Aries season 2022 is a thing of the past, so we hope you enjoyed the fresh start it ushered in for us. 

The new astrological calendar and the spring equinox kicked off as Aries season got underway. It was the perfect opportunity to embrace the fire sign, set intentions and manifest your best life through astrology, and that we did!

"We had a really wonderful blend of fire and water energy predominately, and earth towards the end, which steadied it," astrologer Liz Simmons said of the season. "Overall it's a nice, hopeful energy."

Who doesn't love that?

Aries season 2022 dates

Aries season spanned from March 20 to April 19, 2022. (Psst: snag a cute planner from our list of astrology gifts fans love to keep all your transits and celestial events in check.) 

What happened during Aries season 2022?

During the new moon on April 1, everyone wanted to harness Aries' enthusiastic energy and manifest new goals, from reaching new career levels to having the "defining the relationship" talk

"It played a part in how we see ourselves versus how we see our partners," Simmons said of the Aries energy.

Aries Zodiac Sign symbol

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Additionally, many of us viewed this time as a "celestial reset," according to astrologer Renée Watt

"This cosmic climate [was] ideal for starting new projects, reconnecting with your motivation and finding your bravery," she said. "It was the time to make bold moves, though you'd want to make sure you stay grounded and tried not to let your excitement cloud your judgment."

What did we do to prepare for Aries season?

Although this might go against everything we've been taught, this springtime astrological season was the perfect opportunity for a much-needed and well-deserved focus on ourselves. 

"I think the best way to prepare for it is to be selfish," Simmons admitted at the start of the season. "[It's time to] do things for us: honor ourselves, honor our bodies and do things that work for us."

She continued: "It's a great time to set intentions for you as a person, not including anything else or anyone else in that vision."

What did you do with all that me-time? Forge a new path in your career? Work on some new health and fitness goals? Try out a new hobby? We certainly hope you chose whatever your heart desired!

Astrology events during Aries season

Simmons noted that we definitely felt some Pisces residue tipping over into Aries season, as Neptune, Venus, Jupiter and Mars entered Pisces. (We hope you removed the rose-colored glasses, folks.) 

But, she was particularly fond of the Jupiter-Neptune Conjunction in Pisces, as this rare transit on April 12 brought that sense of optimism and hope that we've long been waiting for. 

Plus, when you ask, "What planet is in retrograde?" the answer is still zilch! Ah, music to our ears! 

Although it's a beautiful time that gives us a lot to think about, the end of Aries season invites a little more uncertainty before Taurus season approaches.  

"Aries season is, dare I say, the last normal season that's unencumbered by any astrological transit that's really going to set us back," Simmons said. 

However, in between the two seasons, we'll experience the highly-anticipated Stellium in Pisces, an opportunity for love and deepening connections, so we won't freak out about the future...yet.

When does Taurus season start? 2022 dates

Shortly after Aries season comes Taurus season, and astrologer Noush of Girl and Her Moon insists it'll be a positive time for all of us, particularly the fixed signs (Leo, Aquarius, Taurus and Scorpio). 

"From my perspective, I think we should expect after that beautiful Aries energy that got us going [and] inspired, this Taurus energy comes along to reign it back in and slow the energy right down for us to be able to understand what we value most out of all of these different directions," Noush said. 

During this time, we'll really assess what matters most to us and why, adding a deeper layer to all of our motives. 

"There is a layer deeper here that's being felt because of the undercurrent of the Taurus sun that flavors everything from the ground up," she adds. "But the Venus energy still provides that spark."

Don't let the fact that retrogrades return put a damper on anything. (Yes, Mercury retrograde 2022 returns on May 10.) Noush assures us that we're able to handle anything, even if it's a backward-spinning planet.

Aries, it's been great, but we're in the capable hands of Taurus season now. 

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