Sexperts make the case for nipple orgasms—here's why you should stimulate this erogenous zone

Don't overlook nipple orgasms! The pros say they feel great and help increase arousal throughout the body

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Nipple orgasms are having a moment according to sexperts, so now's the time to embrace experimentation. 

Though it's not uncommon to focus on our downstairs half when orgasms come to mind, the best sex tips ever will ensure that all sensitive areas are taken into consideration, as they should be. 

"The nipples are an often-overlooked erogenous zone, but they can feel incredible when stimulated and can help increase the arousal response in the whole body," says Isabelle Uren, web editor and content creator for

Likewise, Annabelle Knight, sex expert at Lovehoney echoes that notion: "The nipples are packed with nerve endings that make them ripe for pleasure."

Time to locate the hooks on the best bralettes in your drawer—they're about to be unfastened.

Nipple orgasms: how to

It's all about the journey, folks. 

"To reach the big O, focus on your breathing and gently circle your breasts and areola," advises Charlotte Johnson, relationship and sex expert at Mega Pleasure. "Don't be afraid to add a squeeze to build greater anticipation. When the times right, adjust your position so that your fingers cover your nipples." 

Johnson insists that rubbing slowly and increasing the pressure will give you a big rush, and some licking, sucking and nibbling could be beneficial, too. Meanwhile, you can also feel free to turn to accessories if you need a little assistance.

"Bring lubricant or massage oil into the picture," says Natasha Marie, the head of content and sexual wellness expert at MysteryVibe. "Different lubes and oils may evoke sensations."

Johnson concurs: "With the chance to create different sensations entirely by adding the use of oil, ice and even clamps into the fun, there's no better way to make you feel on top of the world!"

Play with vibrators and clamps

Marie insists that different types of vibrators can also be used on our top portions. 

"Experiment with sex toys and vibrators," she says. "Some people enjoy vibration or rumbling sensations on their breasts. My personal favorite is MysteryVibe’s Crescendo."

Marla Renee Stewart, MA, sexpert for Lovers recommends Nipplettes Nipple Clamps. 

MysteryVibe Crescendo ($229, $171.75, £199, £149.25) 

MysteryVibe Crescendo ($229, $171.75, £199, £149.25

Waterproof and wireless, the Crescendo stimulates all six erogenous zones with its 16 intensities and six power modes. 

Lovers, Nipplettes Nipple Clamps ($26) 

Lovers, Nipplettes Nipple Clamps ($26

Finished with Rubber-Cote material for a smooth sensation, Nipplettes Nipple Clamps deserve a spot in your nightstand drawer. 

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Nipple orgasms: why they deserve attention

"Breast stimulation offers different sensations and a different experience to foreplay, sex, or masturbation," Maries says. "As erogenous zones that are proven to send signals to your brain’s pleasure center, why not leverage that pleasure point to make your experience full-bodied and dynamic?"

(You can take that blended orgasm to a new level now!)

And just because you gave your ta-tas some love but didn't get the response you're looking for doesn't mean anything is wrong—it might take a few tries. 

"Your response to specific stimulation can change over time from hormones, age or circumstance," Marie says. "Experiment with your body often, as your pleasure map might have changed since the last time you tried."

But, even if you don't reach the big O from nipple stimulation, that doesn't mean it's not worth a shot. It's an important part of the overall experience. 

"Just because you don’t get an orgasm from a piece of sexual activity doesn’t mean it should be overlooked," Knight says. "Nipple arousal will be a key part of foreplay for most women, but they will also require clitoral stimulation to climax."

The benefits of nipple orgasms

Since the nipples have the same pathway to the brain as the genitals do for stimulation, [this] can aid you when it comes to orgasm," Stewart says. "You can also take the focus off of your genitals and learn to have orgasms in a new and exciting way." Happy exploring!

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