A look inside the Oprah and Prince Harry mental health documentary series, The Me You Can't See

Here's when and what to expect from the Oprah and Prince Harry mental health documentary series

Oprah Winfrey and Prince Harry mental health documentary series The Me You Can't See on Apple TV+
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In the Oprah Winfrey and Prince Harry mental health documentary, The Me You Can't See, the Duke of Sussex teams up with the TV icon to guide discussions on mental health issues, with the hope of destigmatizing the negativity surrounding the topic. The highly anticipated project is set to debut on May 21st on Apple TV+.

The docuseries acknowledges that we all have psychological, emotional, and mental health needs that need to be addressed—and sometimes, we're not okay, which is not only acceptable but perfectly normal. Acknowledging those needs is actually incredibly powerful. 

"To make that decision to receive help is not a sign of weakness," Prince Harry says in the documentary's teaser. "In today's world, more than ever, it's a sign of strength."

The duke and the media mogul have famously sat down together previously for in-depth discussions: mental health struggles and issues of trauma and grief were touched upon during Meghan Markle and Prince Harry's Oprah Winfrey interview.

Watch The Me You Can't See trailer:

In the trailer for the docuseries, we catch a glimpse of subjects of all ages, races, and genders from around the world as they touch on difficult issues they've faced. Some of the appearances will be familiar to viewers, as both Lady Gaga (who simply goes by her birth name, Stefani, in the series) and actress Glenn Close share their personal journeys. 

"I don't tell this story for my own self-service," the pop star says. "I've been through it, and people need help." 

Viewers should expect tears and some difficult points brought to the forefront. But, perhaps what's most comforting about the documentary series is its sense of unity and hopes to make people more compassionate toward's one another. 

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When and where can I watch The Me You Can't See?

Beginning Friday, May 21st, viewers will be able to watch The Me You Can't See on AppleTV+ with a monthly subscription. You can sign up for the streaming service below:

Prince Harry: mental health advocate

Although Prince Harry's project has certainly garnered quite a bit of attention, it's not his first attempt to change the dialogue around mental health. Earlier this year, he took on a role with a California-based startup, BetterUp, which coaches people towards mental wellness. The Duke of Sussex began as a user, and now he is the company's first chief impact officer. 

"My goal is to lift up critical dialogues around mental health, build supportive and compassionate communities, and foster an environment for honest and vulnerable conversations," Prince Harry said in a statement. 

According to BetterUp, Prince Harry's work will focus on four main components: driving advocacy and awareness, guiding the company’s social mission and impact, enhancing the user experience, and expanding the global community.

As Mental Health Awareness month draws to a close, be sure to catch the series and do what you can to support your own wellbeing. Test out the correlation between exercise and mental wellbeing with brain-boosting workouts, download the best meditation apps to help you feel centered, or look into journaling for beginners.

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