The Paris Hilton cooking show is here and it's hot..."literally"

'I feel like I'm massaging like some fat, hairy, gross guy.' See the socialite prep turkey and more on the Paris Hilton cooking show

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America's favorite heiress may not know her way around a kitchen, but the Paris Hilton cooking show is about to heat up screens across the country. 

The reality starlet and soon-to-be bride is teaming up with friends and experts for foodie adventures that may or may not backfire—you'll have to tune in to find out. Here's everything you need to know about your new Netflix binge, Cooking with Paris. (Add the premiere to your list of favorite foodie holidays!)

When does the Paris Hilton cooking show premiere?

Grab some popcorn a cocktail and settle in for a cozy evening on the couch: Cooking With Paris hits Netflix on Tuesday, August 4th. Are you ready for it? Be warned: this ain't your typical Ina Garten how-to!

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What is the Paris Hilton cooking show about?

As you might've guessed, this is a lavish take on the likes of Julia Child and Martha Stewart's cooking shows...with one exception: Paris Hilton doesn't know how to cook. 

In a step-by-step guide, we'll venture alongside Hilton as she hits the grocery store, finds new and unusual ingredients, and attempts to make a delicious meal with the help of her celebrity friends and relatives. Naturally, she utilizes the most decadent and bedazzled equipment in the business, and we wouldn't expect anything less.

As far as the commentary? The socialite offers unique insight into the culinary world that viewers might not have been exposed to otherwise. While seasoning a turkey, she keenly notes: "I feel like I'm massaging like some fat, hairy, gross guy." Oookay

Watch the Cooking with Paris trailer

We guarantee you haven't seen anything quite like this before. Expect nothing but glitz and glam...and maybe a few flops along the way. As the show suggests, the kitchen is no simple life!

Who will appear on Cooking With Paris?

Naturally, Hilton couldn't navigate this adventure alone. She calls in reinforcements from reality TV and entertainment's biggest names. A list of guest stars includes:

  • Kim Kardashian
  • Nikki Hilton
  • Demi Lovato
  • Nikki Glaser
  • Kathy Hilton 

We're never not nostalgic for 2000s TV (guilty) so we're anxious to see Paris Hilton make a comeback and take on a few new challenges along the way. (You'll even notice the starlet sports some classic 2000s fashions, like a velvet jumpsuit and, of course, her signature bubble gum pink hue.)

Plus, there's science behind our obsession with nostalgia. Even though this is a far cry from Hilton's The Simple Life, it does bring back memories from our favorite reality TV starlet—and our teen years—that we can't part ways with. Feel-good chemicals are released and right away we're transported back to the good 'ol days (with a twist, in this case).

"Memories of childhood or teenage years was the top reason why consumers remember feeling nostalgic about something in the last year, although specific personal memories also score highly—especially for the oldest consumers," researchers said. "Millennials were most likely to say they’d felt nostalgia due to feeling connected to others."

We're more than ready to indulge in this blast from the past that's ready-made for 2021!

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