These 'Quiet Luxury' scents will leave you smelling so expensive—without actually costing the earth

Want a new, signature scent without breaking the bank? These Quiet Luxury perfumes offer opulence on a budget...

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Right now, the world seems to be obsessed with the concept of subtle expense, especially in the beauty department—so, we've gone on a mission to suss out the best Quiet Luxury perfumes, for a not-so-luxe price.

The premise of 'Quiet Luxury' effectively refers to timeless pieces that look expensive or designer but lack any obvious branding or a mega price tag and we can apply the same parameters to our best perfumes. Think classic notes that aren't glaringly obvious but still make you smell effortlessly chic. 

If this sounds like your vibe, we've rounded up all scents we feel fit the QL bill, from brands like Chanel, ZARA and Le Labo, with our list starting at just $24. We've also factored in longevity, with smaller sizes of more premium scents, which are intense enough for sparing spritzes...

Current deals on our top picks...

Quiet Luxury perfumes: our picks of refined and chic scents

And if you're looking for more brands that offer similarly varied, 'Quiet Luxury' perfumes, we'd recommend checking these brands out...

What is a 'Quiet Luxury' perfume?

Jonny Webber

Jonny Webber is a perfume expert at Perfume Direct, who has broken down exactly what makes a 'Quiet Luxury' scent, right down to which perfume notes to opt for.

A 'Quiet Luxury' scent is timeless but understated, these scents aren't spritzed for attention, but they do exude confidence and sophistication. As Jonny Webber,'s fragrance expert explains: "Quiet luxury in fragrance choice represents a refined and understated approach to selecting and wearing perfumes that exude sophistication without being overtly flashy or attention-grabbing. It embodies a shift away from ostentatious displays of wealth and a preference for more nuanced and discerning tastes.

"Instead of choosing eye-wateringly expensive perfumes or aftershaves because of the ‘label’ and what the aroma ‘says’ in terms of wealth, consumers are selecting quality fragrances, that have all the necessary benefits of a well-produced perfume, but that subtly say ‘confident class’."

Webber adds, wearers of these refined, high-quality perfumes, "appreciate the subtle nuances of a fragrance and understand that true luxury lies not in flashy displays but in the discerning choices they make." 

What are 'Quiet Luxury' perfume notes?

Webber says floral perfumes are often attributed to affluence, as well as more rare and niche scents like woods and spices. He notes: "The fragrance notes associated with quiet luxury often lean towards classic and timeless profiles, avoiding excessive trend-chasing. 

"They may include elegant floral notes like rose, jasmine, or iris, combined with subtle hints of woods, musks, and delicate spices. These fragrances are designed to evoke a sense of sophistication, refinement, and a touch of exclusivity."

It's all about intentionally crafted scents, that feature quality ingredients and are multi-dimensional, rather than generic. Webber also adds that long-lasting perfumes and notes also evocate a more luxurious vibe.

Think classic and soft perfume notes, with hints of more complex, niche aromas of wood and musk—the sort of fragrance that isn't glaringly obvious but gives elegance with every whiff and keeps you coming back for more.

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