Who is Reinaldo in 'Who Killed Sara?' and what's he got to do with Sara’s death?

Is Reinaldo, 'Who Killed Sara?' newcomer in season three, the man who really murdered Sara?

¿Quién Mató a Sara? (L to R) Jean Reno as Reinaldo, Ginés García Millán as César in ¿Quién Mató a Sara? Reinaldo, Who Killed Sara?
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Jaw-dropping twists are the name of the game for Netflix’s Who Killed Sara? The series, which debuted in March 2021, has regularly delivered chills and thrills as the show takes us on a journey to find out who really killed Sara Guzmán, and Who Killed Sara? season 3 looks to be more of the same. 

In season one, Sara was presented as a normal, innocent girl who was around the wrong people. The second season presents her very differently, as her secrets (including the real birth father of her child) come to light, which sees her face the challenges of having schizophrenia. The latest season of the Netflix series continues this idea, as we start to see what happened to Sara after the parachute accident and the struggles she faced.

The latest season of the Mexican mystery thriller introduced a new character called Reinaldo whose connection to Sara seems anything but friendly. But who actually is he and what does he have to do with Sara’s death?

*Warning: spoilers ahead!*

Who is Reinaldo, 'Who Killed Sara?' newbie

It turns out that Reinaldo (played by French actor Jean Reno) is Nicandro’s dad and the leader of the Medusa Project. What is the Medusa Project? Well, isn't that the million-dollar question of season three? The Medusa Project seems to be a psychiatric project in which people that Reinaldo deems needing his help are kidnapped and committed. Reinaldo's daughter Daniela is even subjected to this treatment. 

It is revealed that when Sara was bought into the hospital after the cords on the parachute were cut, Nicandro called his father to tell him what happened, and Reinaldo arrived at the hospital to take sole care of Sara. He was told that Sara wouldn't survive where she was and needed to be transported to Mexico, which seemed to work perfectly with Reinaldo’s plan to commit her to his Medusa Project. One of the repercussions of this was that he had Sara declared dead, leading to the whole premise of the show.

It actually turned out that Sara wasn't dead but was instead kidnapped and committed to a psychiatric hospital. The whole reason why Reinaldo knew about Sara in the first place is shown in flashbacks: Sara’s mother Lucia takes her to see Doctor Alanis who she believes is running tests on her daughter to help manage her schizophrenia but instead of Doctor Alanis, she sees another female doctor who says that they must start treatment right away and they have the perfect experimental plan for Sara. 

Once the doc's has Sara’s mother’s consent to treat Sara, we see the doctor make a call to Reinaldo, to who she alerts that she's found the perfect patient for the Medusa Project. This then leads Reinaldo to come down to Mexico and when he is talking to his friend César Lazcano—remember, the guy Sara was having an affair with, the father of her child and her boyfriend's dad?—he keenly watches Sara playing in the backyard. 

Did Reinaldo kill Sara?

Yes and no. Did Sara actually die in Who Killed Sara? Yes, but not at the hands of Reinaldo. 

Sara committed suicide because she no longer wanted to be experimented on by Reinaldo. She was the key to his little project and she knew without her, it would all fall apart, so she kills herself to end her suffering and hurt Reinaldo.   

Does Reinaldo die in 'Who Killed Sara?' season 3?

Yes, when Álex storms the Medusa Project headquarters, his main target is Reinaldo. In a shoot-out between the two, Álex shoots Reinaldo in the leg, injuring him. The latter manages to escape and hides behind a metal table before surrendering his gun to Álex. Despite Reinaldo pleading for his life and Cesar begging Álex not to kill Reinaldo, Reinaldo meets his end when Álex kills him using the same electrocution device Reinaldo used to torture his patients.

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