Will there be a 'Who Killed Sara' season 4?

We can't help but ask about 'Who Killed Sara' season 4, even though season 3 just hit Netflix

sara in who killed sara season 3
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The questions keep coming: Will there be Who Killed Sara season 4?

Since the Netflix murder-mystery (¿Quién Mató a Sara? in Spanish) premiered in March 2021, we've been attempting to stay on top of the Guzmán crime—which is no easy feat. Things have become so convoluted, we've even wondered, "Did Sara actually die in Who Killed Sara?"

Needless to say, it's a complicated situation...and we want more. So, what is the next chapter of the story? Who Killed Sara? season 3 just landed—May 18, to be exact—but we're greedy and we need to know the fate of our favorite TV indulgence.

Here's what's going on with the Guzmán case in season 3 and everything you can expect going forward. If you're not entirely finished bingeing the new episodes, we suggest you tread lightly.


'Who Killed Sara' season 4

Cliffhangers abound in this series, and it seems we're never given the full truth. Is Nicandro to blame? Marifer? Who will finally be exposed, especially now that two killers have confessed to taking Sara's life?

Even though the instant hit never quite lets on to any spoilers, the streaming service gave it all away on the third season premiere date. "It was really us..." Netflix tweeted along with the season teaser. "The final season of Who Killed Sara? is now on Netflix."

Wow. Talk about cutting to the chase! Now, it looks like the mystery will in fact come to a close. Although we're bummed that we're going to have to part ways with one of our go-to shows, there's plenty of murder-mysteries where Sara Guzmán came from. 

Though equally as entertaining but not entirely fictional, Candy on Hulu, Jessica Biel's latest undertaking, has revisited a brutal small-town Texas murder from the 80s and what happened during the Candy Montgomery trial. If you're looking to fill the void after learning what truly happened to Sara, perhaps you'll give this a go. Be sure to also take a gander at the best true crime on Netflix, which definitely has enough plot twists to keep viewers guessing, much like Who Killed Sara.

'Who Killed Sara' season 3


For the last two seasons, viewers were lead to believe that Sara died in a parachute accident. Her brother was wrongfully accused of committing the crime, and spent time behind bars as a result. Now that he's free—and attempting to find the true culprit—a lot of interesting facts come to the surface. 

So, as it turns out, Sara is not dead, but rather the subject of Reinaldo's (Nicandro’s father) Medusa Project. She was committed to a psychiatric hospital by Reinaldo and actually pregnant. 

Who is Lucia in Who Killed Sara? on Netflix? (Another layer to the story). It's Sara's baby, who is ultimately separated from her mother. That's when things truly go south for Sara, though we'll stop here if you haven't finished season three yet. (Plus, just wait until you find out about Lucia's father.) 

All in all, nothing is what it seems in Who Killed Sara. 

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