What is reincardating? Meet the refreshing new romantic trend for 2022

Ready to show the dating world the new you? Try out reincardating!

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It's only the start of the year and a legion of 2022 dating trends has been bestowed upon us—and "reincardating" is one of our favorites. 

According to the social app Happn, reincardating is about beginning anew in the romance world—hitting the scene as a different person in control of their wants and needs. It's a serious notion, especially for those Gen Z and millennial daters on the hunt for love

After two difficult years—COVID has negatively impacted dating, according to research—people are ready to embrace a turn at happiness and love, and we can't blame them. Reincardating could be an excellent step towards that desirable relationship you've been hoping for.  

What is reincardating and how to do it?

1. Redefine what you want

Now more than ever, it's a time to reevaluate. Once restrictions loosen and our routines inch closer to the normalcy we've been longing for, experts think reincardating can help us be mindful of the way in which we present ourselves to singles.

"Make 2022 the year you redefine your identity," says Boston-based dating expert Jill Vandor. "After spending so much time behind a keyboard and working remotely, it’s time to take a step back and ask, ‘What do you want? What makes you happy? What are your relationship goals?’"

Joining a new app or striking up a conversation with a cutie on the coffee line is about putting yourself out there, but also being aware of things that didn't work for you romantically pre-pandemic.  

"Allow those new interests and hobbies you developed over the past few years to take you in a different direction and not fall back to the same mistakes," Vandor says. 

2. Be self-aware

Likewise, Anisa Hassan, the founder of Date High Flyers, is encouraging more self-awareness as we begin our 2022 romantic journey. 

"You can pause, regulate your emotions and manage a situation in such a way that you can meet your own needs without trampling over someone else," she says. 

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3. Stay positive

Even if you embrace a new mindset, that doesn't necessarily mean your perfect match will appear overnight. It's quite possible that things will still take time, and you have to believe it'll all be worth it.

"Our thoughts create our reality, says Jaime Bronstein, relationship therapist, coach and host of “Love Talk Live” on LA Talk Radio. "Instead of feeling like a victim, shift into believing and trusting."

4. Be authentic with yourself and others

The only way to honor the reincardating mindset and find something authentic is by staying true to yourself. Plus, experts say it's a great way to balance mental health while online dating

5. Love yourself

When discussing how to manifest love in 2022, astrologer Renée Watt notes that it's important to begin with yourself and your needs, separate from what you want from a partnership. 

"Being active about evolving yourself will draw in love because people will be attracted to the fact that you're always striving to be better," she says. "I have always found that manifesting love is easiest to do when you've done the work to be happy with yourself first."

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