The best time of the year to manifest love in 2022, according to astrologers

'I have always found that manifesting love is easiest to do when you've done the work to be happy with yourself first'

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In search of someone special? If you’re wondering how to manifest love and step into a new relationship this year, our go-to astrologers are here to provide guidance from the cosmos.

As our 2022 love horoscopes indicate, we are in for big lessons romantically. A new study says Gen Z and millennials are looking for love while on the dating scene. It’s clear there’s a desire to partner up, but how do we ensure we get what we want and deserve? 

“I have always found that manifesting love is easiest to do when you've done the work to be happy with yourself first,” says astrologer Renée Watt. “Engaging with a hobby or new form of study is also great because it lights up your aura while you diversify your skills and personality.”

Embrace some “me time,” uncover exactly what it is you’re looking for in another person and get ready to send those vibes out into the dating world.

When to manifest love in 2022 and beyond:

Watt is particularly fond of an earth sign and air sign when it comes to romance.

“Taurus and Libra season are both perfect times to connect on a heart level,” she says. “Since these members of the zodiac are both ruled by Venus, sparks are more likely to fly than usual.”

Mark your calendars: Taurus season runs from April 20 to May 20 in 2022 and Libra season will follow from September 23 to October 22. 

Watt adds: “Taurus season is perfect for glamming yourself up, but it's also awesome for sexy, sensual dates. Go out to fancy dinners, wear luxurious fabrics and splurge on a new fragrance that you find attractive. Libra season will be more about flirting and talking, so you won't need to spend as much money on dates or time preparing for them.”

Meanwhile, astrologer Liz Simmons believes in personalizing the process. She recommends manifesting love under a new moon that falls in your fifth house of dating and romance or seventh house of commitment to ensure the best results. 

“You may not have a new partner in six months, by the time there’s a full moon, but you’ll have a few more opportunities under your belt to figure out what you want in love going forward,” she adds.

You can also go with the season that your Venus sign is in. (Yes, it’s time to whip out those birth charts, folks.) 

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How to manifest love in your life:

While many of us turn to the art of manifesting with crystals—rose quartz is perfect for matters of the heart—there are other ways in which to go about finding your person. 

Geranium oil is perfect for attracting masculine energy and tobacco is a go-to for attracting female energy, according to Watt (who conveniently offers a DIY jar for attracting a soulmate). 

Simmons is all about making a list and checking it twice. In any sort of astrological experience, she is anxious to map all her thoughts out on paper. 

“Define exactly what you want before doing anything,” she says. “Writing down an explicit list of qualities and characteristics you want not only in a partner, but in a relationship, can really define what you’re looking for—that way there are no ifs, ands, or buts.”

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