Sabrina Bartlett's love life, family and career: everything you need to know about Bridgerton's Siena Rosso

Love Bridgerton's Siena Rossio? Here's all you need to know about the woman behind the role, Sabrina Bartlett

Sabrina Bartlett attends the launch of The Mondrian Hotel at Mondrian Hotel on October 9, 2014 in London, England.
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We can’t lie - we might be a little obsessed with Netflix’s Bridgerton, and with knock-out characters like Siena Rosso, played by Sabrina Bartlett, who can blame us? 

The stunning opera singer has us glued to our screens as she navigates the classist world of 1800s England. In the premiere season of this highly addictive period drama, Siena Rosso longs to elevate her position in society by marrying powerful lord Anthony Bridgerton. Scorching every scene with passion and scandal, Siena has quickly earned the title as one of our favorite characters out of the Bridgerton cast.  

And it’s this top notch performance that has us wondering - just who is Sabrina Bartlett? 

Where is Sabrina Bartlett from? 

While she may not be the daughter of A-list celebrities, Sabrina Bartlett’s upbringing was anything but ordinary. Born to an artistic couple in Fulham, the breakout TV star spent her youth immersed in ballet and theatre. She now divides her time between working in London and relaxing with family in Sussex, where she can often be found enjoying the coastline and the (slightly!) better weather. 

Who is Sabrina Bartlett dating? 

Sabrina Bartlett is currently dating fellow actor Tom Greaves, who most recently starred in the 2019 short film Shuttlecock. The couple have kept their relationship under wraps for the most part, but have popped up on each other’s social media accounts a few times throughout the lockdown.  

What else has Sabrina Bartlett starred in?

Sabrina Bartlett first appeared on our screens in a 2014 episode of Suspect, and has been active in both film and TV ever since. The hardworking actress has clocked up an impressive resume over the past 6 years, landing roles in Dr Who, Midsomer Murders and even Game of Thrones. 

How tall is Sabrina Bartlett? 

According to online reports, Sabrina Bartlett stands at 5ft 7in.

What age is Sabrina Bartlett? 

Sabrina Bartlett is 29 years old and will celebrate the big 3-0 on September 12th, 2021. 

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